Kristen I. Spencer

KRISTEN I. SPENCER is a New York-based playwright and director.  She is a recent graduate of Stony Brook University’s Theatre Arts Program. While at Stony Brook she wrote 6 plays, 2 full-lengths, and 4 one-acts. One of her full-lengths, At the Table, was produced during the Stony Brook Theatre Department’s 2nd Annual Student New Works Festival in April 2017.  Also during spring 2017, she founded a 4-week Black History month series called “The Works”.  The mission of the series was to promote: inclusion of arts produced by different cultures, education, and awareness of the importance of those arts. This series was the first of its kind within the Stony Brook Theatre Arts department and Kristen was extremely proud to have been the one to spearhead it. One of her one-acts, “Hello, My Name is Dwight Howard” was produced during the Thanks for Theatre 10 min Play Festival that she also founded within the Stony Brook Theatre Department. The festival consisted of 5 published works and 5 original student pieces that she handpicked. Kristen enjoys writing and creating events for people to experience theatre in innovative ways.