DeAndre C. Short

DEANDRE C. SHORT is a playwright born and raised in Virginia. He received his B.A in Theatre Performance and English from the University of Lynchburg. He’s an avid collector of coffee mugs, Harry Potter memorabilia, and ailments—a couple lung collapses. His seasonal allergies, short stature, and sensitive nature means his career in sports never happened, so he was left with only indoor activities leading him to write. Before wanting to be a playwright, he intended on being a surgeon or accountant despite being bad at math and science; however, he realized he’s too neurotic for a stable career, but not neurotic enough to become a comedian. He has taken it upon himself to beat constant writer’s block by writing plays that explore the experience of gay men of color, internalized racism, interracial relationships, dating culture, colorism, mental illness, and familial dynamics which is completely opposite of the dead White playwrights he’s obsessed with such as Tennessee Williams and Edward Albee. And just maybe one day he’ll achieve his back-up plan of being a stand-up comedian—to which his mother would say isn’t a back-up plan. But for now, he’s a Playwriting MFA Candidate at Columbia University.