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What is Data Annotation and How is it Used in Machine Learning?

Data annotation is at the core of Computer Vision. It helps machines trained with machine learning algorithms see and understand. This article will begin with what data annotation is and go into detail about its two important components – object … Continue reading

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Influence of Informatization of Society on the Education System

~ by Eve Maygar Today’s teaching models and classroom structures are largely based on the use of the latest technology developments that are based on communication and information. When informatization is used in an education system, conditions are created that … Continue reading

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5 Cheapest Places To Fly This Fall

The current pandemic of Covid-19 has radically altered many aspects of life,  with the ability to travel ranking high on that list. The thought of planning a vacation and flying off to some exotic land may now sadly seem like … Continue reading

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Tips on How to Write Press Releases Effectively

If you want your small business to get proper media coverage, you need to write effective press releases. Writing press releases that get the job done is a skill that most people don’t have.

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How To Get Motivated To Give A Presentation

If you want to make it in this world and be successful in your career, you are going to need to learn how to speak in public.

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