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What is Data Annotation and How is it Used in Machine Learning?

Data annotation is at the core of Computer Vision. It helps machines trained with machine learning algorithms see and understand. This article will begin with what data annotation is and go into detail about its two important components – object … Continue reading

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Post-Covid-19 Era: Gun And Its Usages

The year 2020 changed the world a lot. Now, many people struggle with anxiety and fear due to the pandemic. Thus, a new trend has emerged in the United States of America recently, i.e., to buy guns and ammunition. Many … Continue reading

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Here’s Where the 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand on Cannabis

You only have to go back 20 years, and you will find yourself in a country that has cannabis banned in all 50 states. It’s taken a long time, but it seems that the U.S. society is finally lifting the … Continue reading

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How to Plan a Budget for Travel

Traveling is the best way to create memorable experiences and to step away from the routine. There is no need for a limitless credit card or winning an all-expenses-paid trip to be able to explore the world. Shaping an initial … Continue reading

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