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Davide Dazzi is born in Correggio (Reggio Emilia) in 1978 in a loosely catholic environment. At the age of 1.6 he gets involved with the Reggio Children lobby. Later, moved by idealistic hope for a better world, he starts a liturgical organ class, as if it made an impact. He also plays soccer. He quits both. He surprises everybody devoting himself to writing — actually, rewriting — placing and removing commas on every page, to exhaustion. In 2005 Davide moves to New York, where he makes a living by writing subtitles for B-movies. After many brilliant accomplishments in the field, he gets fired for ruining some pun in Fandango that upset Kevin Costner. Hopeless, Davide obtains a PhD in Italian Literature from Columbia University with a dissertation on Ubertino da Casale and some obscure 13th-century friars obsessed with the Book of Revelation, with the generous interest of the Whiting Foundation Fellowship. He cannot keep up with all the job offers following such an amazing academic achievement. According to Colorado College, where he had the pleasure of teaching Italian, Davide is “sincere advocate for inter-cultural and experiential learning”. Not everybody knows that his favourite author is Sir Laurence Sterne, followed by Czar Vladimir Nabokov. As for his private life he has no secrets.

Rise and Decline of the Democratic Party in Italy

The Democratic Party in Italy, a political movement with a tradition longer than a century, is now dying. Such decline could not be considered just some low point in the history of the party, but a tragic, possibly irredeemable turning … Continue reading

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Hashtag Immaculate Conception: A Visit to the Vatican Museums

When we talk about the dogma of the Immaculate Conception — a trend topic, as you can imagine — we should stop, breath and ask ourselves: “wait, whose immaculate conception?”. Because it’s not what you think. #immaculateconception

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5 Great Dishes That Will Add Flavor to Your Rome Experience

Italian cuisine is not about recipes. It is about careful selection of fresh ingredients. So, forget about Sbarro and enhanced chicken and broccoli pizza, ok? When in Rome try these dishes out.

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Volcano Awakens After 1,500 Years And Wreaks Havoc

On 24 August AD79, Mount Vesuvius, a volcano that had remained silent for 1,500 years, erupted with horrifying force, destroying the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Four million tonnes of pumice, rock and ashes rained on the towns.

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Extraordinary Jubilee, Extraordinary Bonanza

Listen up, folks! Pope Francis just announced an extraordinary jubilee of mercy. If you have sinned, don’t panic. You are most welcome in Rome. Everybody is excited about million of sinners coming to seek forgiveness!

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