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Davide is a Columbia University alumnus and a member of the Columbia Alumni Association of Italy. He received a Ph.D. in Italian Literature from the Department of Italian at Columbia University in 2012. Davide was born in Correggio, Reggio Emilia in 1978 in a loosely catholic environment. At the age of 1.6 he gets involved with the Reggio Children lobby. Later, moved by idealistic hope for a better world, he starts a liturgical organ class, as if it made an impact. He also plays soccer. He quits both. He surprises everybody devoting himself to writing — well, rewriting — placing and removing commas on every page, to exhaustion. In 2005 db2296 moves to New York, where he makes a living by writing subtitles for B-movies. After many brilliant accomplishments in the field, he gets fired for ruining a pun in Fandango, that which upset Kevin Costner. Hopeless, db2296 obtains a PhD in Italian Literature from Columbia University with a dissertation on Ubertino da Casale and some obscure 13th-century friars obsessed with the Apocalypse and the coming of the Antichrist — thanks to the generous interest of the Whiting Foundation Fellowship. According to Colorado College, where he had the pleasure of teaching Italian, db2296 is “sincere advocate for inter-cultural and experiential learning”. Not everybody knows that his favourite author is Sir Laurence Sterne, followed by Czar Vladimir Nabokov. As for his private life he has no secrets.

“The search for extraterrestrial intelligence should be in the mainstream” says Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb. Alien Civilizations, UFOs, and the Fate of Humankind

Harvard’s Professor Avi Loeb, former and longest-serving Chair of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University and Chair of the Breakthrough Starshot Initiative, is not your regular scholar. In 2012 Time Magazine elected Avi Loeb as one of the 25 … Continue reading

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What is Data Annotation and How is it Used in Machine Learning?

Data annotation is at the core of Computer Vision. It helps machines trained with machine learning algorithms see and understand. This article will begin with what data annotation is and go into detail about its two important components – object … Continue reading

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Post-Covid-19 Era: Gun And Its Usages

The year 2020 changed the world a lot. Now, many people struggle with anxiety and fear due to the pandemic. Thus, a new trend has emerged in the United States of America recently, i.e., to buy guns and ammunition. Many … Continue reading

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How to Protect Your WordPress Website From Hackers

WordPress is an excellent option if you want to start your blog or create a nice website. It’s relatively easy to use, so anyone can enjoy its benefits because it only takes a few minutes to understand how everything works.

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“Elohim is Plural, Do Not Translate It with God”: An Interview with Bible Expert Mauro Biglino

“Elohim is a plural, do not translate it with God,” says Mauro Biglino, a prolific and controversial author who has spent the last decades of his life translating ancient Biblical Hebrew for the Edizioni San Paolo, one of the leading … Continue reading

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