5 Cheapest Places To Fly This Fall

The current pandemic of Covid-19 has radically altered many aspects of life,  with the ability to travel ranking high on that list. The thought of planning a vacation and flying off to some exotic land may now sadly seem like little more than a distant memory. However, while plans for backpacking and vacations with friends may need to be put on hold, the possibility of exploring a new place is not yet a thing of the past.

The silver lining to this global situation rests in the fact that now many schools and universities have transitioned to online learning. This online platform frees students from the confines of a campus or classroom, allowing them to relocate to wherever they wish. There’s no reason why a savvy student can’t perform their research, papers, and coursework from a new and exciting location! 


The first step is to make time for planning. With the help of an online writing service, students can save time and order custom research papers by Edubirdie, cutting down the time spent stressing over a paper. Hiring a professional research paper writer guarantees great results, free of plagiarism. With your saved time, you can turn your head to find cheap flights to cool places and plan your next adventure! Here are our picks for the 5 cheapest places to fly to this fall! 

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Denver, Colorado, USA.

The fact that Denver airport is a giant hub for air transport means that even with the global number of flights being heavily reduced, there’s no shortage of aircraft landing and taking off in Denver. The city itself possesses a cool, laid-back vibe and offers a great location for those looking to be close to magnificent nature, in particular the Rocky Mountains. If attending online classes with a view overlooking the Rockies sounds like a dream come true, checking the low prices of flights to Denver, Colorado may be your best move yet as it ranks near the top of cheap places to fly in the US! 

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Dominican Republic 

If you’re picturing yourself attending class from the relaxing scenery of a white sand beach and looking for cheap flights to beach destinations, the answer may be no further than the Dominican Republic. This Spanish-speaking island nation is a gem of the Caribbean and boasts some of the cheapest flights to the region. Seasonal weather in the Dominican Republic remains consistent all year round, with the temperature floating around 25ºC for most of the year. The rainy season strikes in the fall to spring period in the north, and May to November in the south. It may be a good idea to keep this in mind if you want to make the most out of your time in the island paradise! 

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Athens, Greece 

Athens, Greece, is a fantastic location for tourists looking to be inspired by their surroundings, and it’s one of the cheapest flight destinations in Europe! The city offers a wealth of history spanning back thousands of years and lies at the heart of modern European culture. The vast history is displayed in some of the best museums the world has to offer, boasting a trove of archaeological treasures. Students of any subject can find inspiration for their learning in such a place of cultural significance!  

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Dublin, Ireland 

Another cheap destination in Europe, Dublin, Ireland, is currently proving popular, with many students looking to explore a new place while they study. As Ireland speaks English and is famous for its friendly local population, it makes a great choice for curious students looking to get out of the house and perhaps meet new people during their remote learning. As it acts as somewhat of a gateway to Europe, many airlines pass through Dublin airport, and cheap tickets are becoming easier and easier to find. 

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A wholly underrated option when it comes to cheap places to vacation, the country of Georgia, situated in the Caucasus, is one to watch out for. Boasting a rich history, with plenty of sites and landmarks, the mountain nation makes a great spot for those who like to explore off the beaten track. The capital of Tbilisi is famous for its cool, underground vibe, and makes the perfect spot for a remote learning student to begin their exploration of Georgia. The nature of Georgia is absolutely stunning, and, best of all, the country is incredibly cheap.

Living costs in Georgia are so low that studying there remotely could easily wind up saving you money!

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These 5 global destinations offer you the chance to take off and see a new part of the world during these times of remote, online learning. Now is the perfect opportunity to explore a new destination, and with low flight fares such as these, it can all be done without putting a dent in your wallet!

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  1. Gava H says:

    It’s my dream to visit Dublin. I am a fun of adventure movies and Dublin seems to be offering what I usually see. The buildings looks so vintage tempting my travel desires. Since you listed it among cheap fly in destination, I think I should now prepare mh travel bag.

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