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The Top Must-See Museums and Art Galleries in Rome

~ by Robert Cole Rome is like a huge museum and art gallery with all of the historical sites and amazing architecture that you can see around you. Walking around the streets of Rome would make you feel like you are … Continue reading

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How to Get Privileged Access to a Restoration Lab in Rome

Exploring Rome with new eyes Rome is possibly the #1 city in the world for numbers of tour guides and tour companies. At every corner and step, you bump into amazing monuments and churches. Most visitors follow the direction of … Continue reading

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Hashtag Immaculate Conception: A Visit to the Vatican Museums

When we talk about the dogma of the Immaculate Conception — a trend topic, as you can imagine — we should stop, breath and ask ourselves: “wait, whose immaculate conception?”. Because it’s not what you think. #immaculateconception

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Extraordinary Jubilee, Extraordinary Bonanza

Listen up, folks! Pope Francis just announced an extraordinary jubilee of mercy. If you have sinned, don’t panic. You are most welcome in Rome. Everybody is excited about million of sinners coming to seek forgiveness!

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