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“Elohim is Plural, Do Not Translate It with God”: An Interview with Bible Expert Mauro Biglino

“Elohim is a plural, do not translate it with God,” says Mauro Biglino, a prolific and controversial author who has spent the last decades of his life translating ancient Biblical Hebrew for the Edizioni San Paolo, one of the leading … Continue reading

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The Top Must-See Museums and Art Galleries in Rome

~ by Robert Cole Rome is like a huge museum and art gallery with all of the historical sites and amazing architecture that you can see around you. Walking around the streets of Rome would make you feel like you are … Continue reading

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How to Get Privileged Access to a Restoration Lab in Rome

Exploring Rome with new eyes Rome is possibly the #1 city in the world for numbers of tour guides and tour companies. At every corner and step, you bump into amazing monuments and churches. Most visitors follow the direction of … Continue reading

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Volcano Awakens After 1,500 Years And Wreaks Havoc

On 24 August AD79, Mount Vesuvius, a volcano that had remained silent for 1,500 years, erupted with horrifying force, destroying the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Four million tonnes of pumice, rock and ashes rained on the towns.

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