Since coming to Columbia in 1987, I’ve taught a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. Most recently I’ve taught Quantum Mechanics I and II and before that String Theory for Undergraduates. I’ll include here a couple of  still-working links to ancient pages:

  • Senior Seminar Spring 2005 (mostly on various aspects of black holes, holography, etc.)
  • Graduate Seminar on RHIC Physics and RHIC data (Spring 2002)
  • Other courses taught (partial listing)
    • UN1401: Introduction to Mechanics and Thermodynamics
    • UN1402: Introduction to Electromagnetism and Optics
    • UN1494: Introduction to Experimental Physics
    • UN1601: Mechanics and Relativity
    • UN1602: Thermodynamics, Electricity and Magnetism
    • UN2801: Accelerated Physics I
    • UN2802: Accelerated Physics II
    • UN3003: Mechanics
    • UN3008: Electromagnetic Waves and Optics
    • UN3500: Supervised Readings in Physics
    • UN3083: Electronics Laboratory
    • UN4023: Thermal and Statistical Physics