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Ridesharing is Associated with Assaults around Bars in NYC

Ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft have completed more than 20 billion rides globally since 2010. Studies have found that this change to transportation systems has affected health outcomes, including alcohol consumption and motor vehicle crashes. In research recently … Continue reading

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Agent Based Model of Alcohol Taxation and Rates of Violent Victimization

Kerry Keyes and colleagues recently published the results of an agent-based modeling simulation of the effects of alcohol taxation on alcohol consumption and non-fatal violent victimization and homicide in New York City.  The team simulated six examples of taxation interventions and … Continue reading

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The Race of Perpetrators of Mass Shootings Can Affect the Public’s Perceptions About Racial and Ethnic Groups.

Larry Yang and colleagues just published new work showing how the race or ethnicity of perpetrators of mass shootings can affect the public’s perceptions about racial and ethnic groups.  If an individual hearing or reading about the shooting attributes the … Continue reading

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