Abdul El-Sayed Jiu Jitsu-ed Medpage Today “10 Questions” into Advocacy for Public Health

ame2145_Abdulrahman_El_SayedSocial Epidemiology Cluster faculty alum Abdul El-Sayed just Jiu Jitsu-ed Medpage Today’s “10 Questions” into advocacy for public health. Medpage Today’s !0 Questions usually poses a series of questions about medical practice and health care to practicing MDs, questions like “What’s the biggest barrier to practicing medicine today?” and “What is your “elevator” pitch to persuade someone to pursue a career in medicine?”.  Abdul managed to transition each question into a point about the importance of public health.  When asked their standard question “What do you most often wish you could say to patients, but don’t?” he managed to include in his answer “..The health challenges that we face in Detroit are fundamentally about a syndemic between poverty and poor health…”.

Abdul serves as the City of Detroit’s Executive Director of Public Health and previously was an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the Mailman School.

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