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Buying a Car the Smart Way: 5 Great Tips

Successful car-buying requires proper knowledge and preparation. Whether you’re buying a new or a used car, there is a lot to know before closing the deal. You’ll own your car for a long time, so don’t make hasty decisions. Here are some tips to help you buy a car the smart way and get value for your money.

  1. Understand the Car-Buying Process

Car-buying can be an intimidating process if you don’t know what you’re doing. Take time to learn car pricing terms and how to negotiate and get a good deal. Also, take advantage of online resources to learn as much as you can about your preferred car. You can also ask a mechanic questions about the vehicle you intend to buy.

Understanding the car-buying process will make you confident when you finally visit the dealership. You’ll know the right questions to ask and how to talk to the salesperson. You’ll also know the tricks dealers use on unsuspecting buyers to make them take bad deals.

  1. Look At Different Financing Options

Look into the available financing options. You can start by researching car loan rates by trade unions and your bank. They offer the best interest rates compared to dealerships. Get multiple quotes from different lenders and compare them.

Also, check your credit score to understand the interest rate you qualify for. Once you get preapproved for a loan by your bank or another lender, use it to negotiate a lower interest rate at the dealership.

  1. Shop Around

Buying a car isn’t an emergency. Take time to shop around and compare prices. Walk out from at least two dealerships. Dealers will always give you rock bottom prices just before you leave. You can also visit out-of-town dealerships and compare prices. Most dealerships price their cars according to their location.

Once you settle on a car, you can use a reliable valuation tool to get an estimate of its worth. You can use more than one valuation tool to determine how much money you should pay for the car.

  1. Look at Both Used and New Cars

Many dealerships today stock both used and new cars. For instance, Shelor Motor Mile stocks both and adds each car’s mileage next to the price for shoppers to view before buying. Many car experts consider slightly used cars the best option from a financial standpoint.

The value of a car starts to depreciate the minute you drive it out of a dealership, so try to get the best deal–whether you’re buying a used car or a new one. Buying a gently used car has many advantages over buying a new car. However, if your budget allows, go ahead and buy a new car.

  1. Negotiate the Terms

Just like buying a house, buying a car calls for good negotiation skills. Walk into a dealership with confidence and negotiate the best possible car loan terms. Avoid talking too much and let the dealer do most of the talking.

For instance, you can say that the price is too high and keep quiet to see if the salesperson is willing to go down on the price. Don’t express your love for the car openly or even mention that you’ve researched it online.

Your Guide to Getting an Admission In Columbia University

Columbia University is widely recognised as one of America’s best institutions. It is well-regarded among the other Ivy League colleges, with an exclusive admittance rate and high average starting fees for graduates.

Columbia’s unusual mix of outstanding academic departments across the board and proximity to New York City puts it and its students in a unique position to benefit from both the advantages of a top-20 university and the advantages of living in a metropolitan hub.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that Columbia receives over 40,000 applications each year. Nonetheless, the Columbia University admittance rate is roughly 6%, making it one of the most difficult Ivy League schools to get into. If you’re a student residing in student accommodation in Columbia and just cannot wait to live your college dream, you have come to the right place!

Let’s start by answering some of the very frequently asked questions about Columbia University.

Is it hard to get into Columbia?

One of the reasons Columbia is such a prominent institution is because of its low admission rate. It wouldn’t have as much scholarly and social clout if it were simple to get into!

The reported acceptance percentage varies from year to year, but you can bet that it will be less than 6% in any given year. Columbia revealed a 3.9 per cent acceptance rate for the class of 2025, meaning that just roughly four students out of every 100 candidates would receive a prized acceptance letter.

What is the average SAT scores that students in Columbia shall have?

The students of Columbia have an average SAT score of between 1510 and 1560, making it a very competitive college. Remember that this is an average—not it’s the only score you can get, and students who score around that will get a little additional help, while kids who score below that will have to show how well they’ll do in other parts of the application.

This is why it is critical to begin SAT preparation as soon as possible. You can always try again if your initial score isn’t quite right. Preparing for the SAT can help you get closer to your target score, and therefore closer to having that coveted admission letter in your fingers.

How to prepare your answers for the college essay?

Writing a strong and impactful response to the “Why do you want to go to Columbia” essay is critical. Because the admissions staff already knows how amazing Columbia is, use this area to explain why it’s the appropriate school for you and how you’ll contribute to the Columbia community. This is a perfect time to bring up your spike once more to tie everything together.

In your essay, be sure to put emphasis on your personal experience. Reading successful Columbia application essays is a terrific way to gain a sense of what Columbia is looking for and to see how personal details can transform the tone of an essay entirely.

Here we have a few tips that we’ve gathered for you, which might help you increase your chances of making it to your dream university, the University of Columbia!

Get in touch with the alumni of Columbia

Ivy League alumni have a long and illustrious history of networking. Indeed, one of the most long-lasting benefits of graduating from these prestigious colleges is access to a very wide network of alumni who can assist you in your career endeavours. Individuals who are seriously contemplating attending universities are also connected. Because Columbia is no exception, reaching out to a Columbia graduate or someone who is living in the student halls in Columbia University for a brief conversation may be quite beneficial.

You can go ahead and ask any questions you have about the institution, its admissions process, what it’s like to attend, and more at this discussion. You may also inquire about any recommendations or advice the alumnus may have on applying to Columbia. Hearing from someone who has done what you want to do and succeeded is a terrific approach to get useful and insightful knowledge. It’s also something you might include on your application to help distinguish yourself by demonstrating initiative and a strong desire to attend the university.

Work for your letter of recommendation 

Nothing beats a strong letter of reference from one of your instructors for making admissions authorities take a second look at your application. While most teachers will be complimentary of you, you must reach out to the correct individual for the position. Consider your previous lessons and see which ones you succeeded in. Try to go over the interactions you’ve had with your professors throughout the years.

Which ones stick out as being more significant than the rest? These letters of reference are intended to provide admissions officers with a fresh perspective on what you can bring to the university. Teachers should provide a personal, informative, and enlightening overview of your academic accomplishments, hobbies, and personality. As we previously said, it’s critical to notify instructors as soon as possible about this need so that they have enough time to create something meaningful.

Nail your essays 

While most Ivy League institutions have an extra writings portion, Columbia University takes a different approach to these feared questions. Students may find Columbia’s essays to be both tough and thought-provoking, rather than typical and uninteresting queries. Major cultural themes, such as podcasts, programmes, music, movies, art, and literature, are frequently referenced in the questions.

As a result, in order to do well on these essays, you’ll need to be a little more imaginative and personal than usual. It’s always a good idea to contact out a college admissions consultant or specialist if you’re having trouble writing the right essay.

Amber is devoted to providing you with the very best experiences and options when you are seeking student accommodation. They have upgraded regularly with the COVID-19 protocols and policies. They are more than eager to help you in finding the best home away from home.

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Anannya Chaudhary is a content writer living in Delhi. As soon as the clock strikes the completion of the last working hour of her office shift, you will find her on the way to her favourite food joint, brimming with joy and excitement to devour a plate of her all-time favourite, chicken momos. You could classify her as that one designated annoying friend who makes you cry if you resist them dragging you to the dance floor.

Where should I look to find the best night guard for teeth? Find out more here

If you suffer from jaw or neck soreness, you could have bruxism, the involuntary clenching of the jaw, and grinding of teeth during sleep. If you’re one of the millions looking to end this pain, read on to discover where to find the best night guards and what you can do to alleviate discomfort. 

Mouthguards Are Partial Treatment 

The traditional approach to addressing bruxism is using a mouthguard, a soft mold that creates a barrier between the teeth to prevent grinding. However, recent findings have suggested that mouthguards are not always effective by themselves; individuals often need a multifaceted approach.  

Best Guards For Teeth

The best night guards are designed to fit your natural bite. Until you receive a personalized night guard for teeth, consider over-the-counter guards. While temporary guards can contribute to bruxism, they still protect against dental decay. Visit site for custom-made mouthguards. 

Finding OTC Mouthguards 

Here are some recommendations for the best OTC mouthguards: 

  • If you go with over-the-counter mouthguards, choose options that offer maximum personalization. The closer your guard’s alignment is to your natural bite, the less tension you’ll experience using the night guard for teeth. 
  • Select mouthguards that are slim and provide a strong bite for comfort and protection. We recommend Neomen Professional Dental Guard and Dentek Professional-Fit Dental Guard for these reasons. You can find the latter at your local pharmacy and the former online. 

Avoid Excess Stress

It is now understood that stress-reduction activities negate bruxism. Rather than using a night guard for teeth, alternative treatments, including Botox injections, bite plates, and physical exercises may reduce tension in the neck, jaw, and head. Meditation may also reduce bruxism. 

Avoid using a bulky night guard for teeth, as these are difficult to tolerate and can cause aching. Go with boil-and-bite night guards for teeth to get the most comfort and protection out of your mouthguard.

Your Lifestyle Habits 

Make lifestyle changes in addition to getting a night guard for teeth. Stress plays a significant role in how frequently clenching and grinding occur during sleep. In fact, clenching and grinding can occur in response to stress whether you are sleeping or awake. 

Here are some ways to reduce stress and relieve your bruxism: 

  • By integrating meditation and stress-reducing techniques, we can reduce the overall amount of stress we feel, reducing the bruxism symptoms we experience.
  • Refraining from caffeine before bedtime can also reduce symptoms. Caffeine is a stimulant that can make some people anxious. If you are trying to sleep with anxious jitters, you’re more likely to clench and lock your jaw. Switch to an herbal tea before bed.
  • Research shows that adults who use tobacco or alcohol, particularly at night, have a higher risk of developing bruxism. These substances interrupt the natural sleep cycle, triggering grinding and clenching. 

The Big Idea 

See night guards as one aspect of a larger treatment plan. Change up your lifestyle habits to reduce stress, and you might very well see a reduction in your jaw, teeth, and neck pain!

3 Greenhouse Irrigation Systems That Will Give You the Best Results

One of the most integral factors that is necessary for the longevity, health and viability of your greenhouse is its irrigation system. While there are many types of irrigation systems to choose from, you must analyse the structure, features and conditions of your greenhouse and the plants contained within it to determine the type of irrigation that is compatible with you. Watering greenhouse plants in excess is as harmful as depriving them of enough water. Hence an efficient irrigation system must be put in place to nourish your plants. The following are the three popular irrigation systems that cater to the needs of most greenhouses.

  1. Drip Irrigation System

A drip irrigation system is suitable for greenhouses of all sizes. It consists of a large hose with numerous emitters through which water is released at regular intervals every day. Setting up this irrigation system is easy. It can either be buried in the soil or placed on the surface according to your convenience. The primary factor to be aware of while setting up this system is to ensure the proximity of the emitters with the plants because it facilitates maximum efficiency. A drip irrigation system allows you to adjust the amount of water required and the frequency of irrigation precisely. This reduces the wastage of water and nutrients because they are provided directly to each plant without unnecessary spillage on leaves and inter-plant spaces. 

  1. Misting Irrigation System

Misting irrigation system, commonly known as a spraying system is ideal for large greenhouses. This system is mostly preferred by people who are in the seed-planting stage because it meets the frequent irrigation requirements of seedlings. The misting system releases tiny droplets of water on the plants and the seedlings for longer periods at set intervals. It plays an important role in maintaining the coolness of the greenhouse. While the drip irrigation system is placed at the ground level, a misting irrigation system is set up above the plants for maximum coverage. It can be automated to function according to your needs and hence should be managed with care to minimise water wastage. 

  1. Sprinkler Irrigation System

Sprinkler irrigation systems are cheaper to set up but you might need to spend a large amount of money to operate and maintain it. It involves the spraying of water from the nozzles of overhead sprinklers in the greenhouse in all directions. Greenhouse sprinklers can also be arranged at the ground level – this arrangement is less popular than the overhead arrangement. The sprinkler irrigation system uses more water because it sprays water everywhere and not just on the plants. This causes water loss in the form of evaporation. Hence this system is ideal for greenhouses with plants that require large quantities of water during each irrigation cycle. 

Once you finalize the type of greenhouse irrigation system, you must decide where to buy it from. Choosing an irrigation system provider must be based on several factors like the company’s experience, certification, reputation and the provisions of the warranty. Your greenhouse plants will flourish for many years when provided with the right irrigation system.


What classes are available, and is it best to take them online?

Internet learning has spread rapidly in American advanced education over the past twenty years, and online courses have also been opened at a growing number of back massage treatment schools.

Be that as it may, how does web-based learning work for the kneading treatment, precisely? What’s more, given the idea of ​​the job involved, is it even a smart idea? These and other inquiries are essential to keep in mind as you research your education options and weigh the pros and cons of the online back massage treatment school, in case that’s one way you’re thinking.

A moderately small level of back massage schools offers a portion of their classes on the web. As a review distributed by the AMTA indicates, 19% of schools offer web-based courses for their entry-level projects, up from 17% in 2017. Additionally, the pair of online classes that are offered mainly focusing on the essentials, for example, physical terms and diet and livelihood data rather than back massage procedures.

However, a developing massage school online level of back massage treatment schools offers training courses on the web, expanding the skills of counselors who have mastered the fundamentals of back massage methods.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of online classes?

Potential Pros

In general, online courses are famous in light of their hosting. It may be easier to include online classes in your generally feverish life; you don’t need to drive to class, and some web-based courses are even self-guided, meaning you can finish them individually, anytime that works for you.

For students who are not getting close to the fundamentals of advanced education, online courses may be the main way that they can achieve their instructional goals without stopping their positions and taking their own lives to get closer to school. That reason alone can give students an incredible motivator to go to online projects.

Continuing classes on the Internet

The story could be something unique to the kneading treatment that continues with the training classes. In case you simply require a three-hour class at a point that does not need active learning, similar to protection reimbursement or promotion of web-based media for kneading treatment, online classes may be an option Extraordinary.

Following the kneading treatment instruction courses can also help you stay awake to the latest procedures and exploration, regardless of whether the courses are available online. In any case, don’t start avoiding face-to-face learning opportunities.

Some back massage treatment programs are advertised as 100% on the web; however, as a general rule, they also remember a part of the hands. These projects offer the “school” part of the back massage treatment course on the web, and then, in general, substitute students are expected to finish some active preparation under the supervision of the massage treatment teachers at the back to allow students to gain reasonable experience.

“The active part of back massage treatment schooling is tremendous,” clarifies Lisa McNeil, MEd, CFSS-M, a Wisconsin-based licensed back massage consultant who works with competent competitors from the US Olympic Committee The USA. “The main way to learn quality palpation is by actually doing it.”

What is My Aesthetic Style?

What is your aesthetic? Aesthetic esthetics is a field of study that deals largely with the subjective nature of taste and beauty, and the culture and philosophy behind art. It studies aesthetic values most commonly expressed through personal judgments of aesthetic beauty. It also studies the history of ideas about aesthetic beauty, and the societal construction of those values.

The field of aesthetics is actually the first field of study in object theory. In object theory, aesthetic value is defined by what it does to the human body, rather than by what it makes the human body look like. Thus, aesthetics is a more complex field of study than is science because it requires that we explain what an object actually does to us, and what it can do to us. Thus, we need to take into account the many different influences on aesthetic appeal, including culture, fashion, technology, politics, advertising, literature, and other social media. The more these different influences are studied and accounted for, the more accurate our definitions of aesthetic taste and style become.

One way to learn about aesthetic value is to take a quiz on a popular fashion magazine or website. A quiz will give you an idea of how influential designers and brands are on your own aesthetic tastes and values. For instance, if you are interested in hip hop clothing, you might find that the clothes that designers are putting out have a distinct urban flavor to them. On the other hand, if you are interested in elegant minimalism, then you might not be able to connect certain designers’ styles to your own taste. Quizzes like this allow you to get a quick snapshot of the contemporary aesthetic style of the moment, helping you make your own judgments about style and fashion.

Another way to get an idea of your aesthetic preferences is to examine the ways in which you communicate about them. Do you talk about your aesthetic preferences in essays, journal articles, blog posts, on your MySpace page, or do you simply pass them off as a casual observation? If you think about how you talk about style and aesthetics in your communications, you might notice that you often use words that also synonymously describe personal attributes, such as calm, collected, sophisticated, and so on. An example of a language that describes your aesthetic preferences in this way might be “My tastes in interior design are much like my favorite coffee shop in San Francisco – I am always calm and collected there.”

Aesthetics can also be defined by what is my favorite color. Color can speak a great deal about a person’s personality, as it can be a deep register of emotion. Thus, the intensity and the vibrancy of your favorite color may tell you a great deal about what is your artistic style. What is your favorite color may be completely different than your mother’s favorite color or it may just be a preference that you learned from your parents when you were young. You might even have a favorite color that matches your personality quite well.

What is my aesthetic style is an aesthetics quiz for every one of us. We all can identify with at least some degree of it. The more you can internalize it the easier it will become to communicate it in our communication. What is my favorite color is not just a question that you can answer without thinking, but rather a tool that can give you insight into your personality and what kind of life you want to lead. An aesthetically-inclined person may have a soft girl persona, a hard girl persona, a sensitive girl persona, a geeky girl persona, and so on.

These are the top benefits of internet marketing for SMEs

Internet marketing is crucial because it aligns a business with ways that consumers consider before and after buying products/services online. Analytical studies show that increasing numbers of people use social media as well as research on mobile Internet to conduct preliminary price comparison and product research before making final purchases.

Internet marketing allows you to establish relationships with your prospects and customers with everyday, low-cost, personalized communication. To reap the benefits of Internet marketing, you must hire Ram Digital, one of the leading digital marketing agencies.

The convenience of internet marketing

Internet marketing lets you operate around all times, without having to worry about store opening hours or making overtime payments for employees. Making your goods available on the Internet is extremely practical to customers. Customers can browse your online store any time and place orders whenever they are at their most convenient.

No need of product localization

Through marketing via the Internet, it is possible to overcome obstacles of distance. You can sell your goods to any area of the nation without having a local store. You could also establish an export business without having to hire distributors across various countries. If you plan export your products internationally you must employ localization services to make sure that your product is suitable for local markets and complies with local regulations for business. Localization services include translation as well as modification of products.

Cost of online marketing

Marketing your products via the Internet is less expensive than selling them in a physical retail outlet. You do not have the ongoing costs of renting property and maintenance. It is not necessary to buy stock to display in a shop. You can place orders according to the demand and keep your inventory costs at a minimal.

Personalization of offers

Internet marketing lets you customize your offer to your customers by creating an overview of their buying habits and patterns. Through tracking the pages on your website and product information that customers visit, you can offer specific offers that match their preferences. The data you gather from monitoring websites also gives you data to design cross-selling campaigns to increase your sales.

Relations with customers

The Internet offers a powerful platform to build connections with customers and increasing the level of customer retention. If a customer has bought an item from your store, you can start your relationship with them by sending a follow-up mail to confirm the purchase and then thank the buyer. Regularly emailing customers with offers that are personalized and special can help maintain the relationship. Customers can also be invited to write product reviews for your site, helping establish a sense of belonging.

A growing importance for social media

Internet marketing allows you to profit from the increasing significance of social media. The relationship between social media and the growth of online revenues is equivalent. You can profit from this kind of influence by including social media tools into your Internet marketing strategies. Once you know the favorite social media channel of your customers, it will be a matter of seconds to get their attention.


Why Teaching Children About the Constitution is Important

The Constitution is one of the most important pieces of American history. It has been around since 1787, and it still influences our laws today. One thing that people don’t realize about this document is how much it impacts children’s lives every day. This blog post will tell you nine reasons why teaching children about the Constitution is important, including how it helps them understand their rights as individuals.

1. To make Children Understand Their Rights

Children sometimes don’t understand their rights as an individual. The Constitution is a document that sets up what people are entitled to under the law. It sets up rules for how our government runs and defines who can do what in it. If children are aware of this, they also know what they can do within the United States. This makes it essential for every child in America to know what these rights are.

2. To Teach Children About the Importance of Democracy

Democracy is not the easiest way to be ruled, but it is the best system for people to work together and make their voices heard. It also encourages children’s participation because they know that they can do something if they feel like they are not being treated fairly. Since this method of government is based on majority rule, then everyone has a fair chance at having their voices heard.

3. To Make Children More Responsible

In order for people to take responsibility, they have to understand what is expected of them. For example, if someone believes that they are entitled to a say in how their country is run and what happens within it, they are more likely to participate because they feel as though they have made a choice. The Constitution is very important because it makes adults and children aware of how they can influence their government and what kind of actions they should take to make a difference.

4. It Teaches Children About How Laws Work

Laws are set up in order to bring justice. They help maintain peace amongst society and help people feel more comfortable with being in their community. When children are aware of laws, they better understand how to act within the law and if there are consequences for not following it. This makes them feel safer because they know what is expected of them.

5. It Maintains the Peace

If children are aware of laws, they are less likely to break them. There would be no chaos because people know what is expected of them and how to act within that frame. When society feels there is order, it makes them feel safer and more secure about where they live. This also keeps citizens from feeling as though they are being treated unfairly because there is a sense of fairness for all.

6. To Make Children Aware of How They Can Be Involved in Society

One important thing about the Constitution is that it lets everyone know their place and how to act within society. When children know this, they can feel as though they have a say in how they are treated and can take action if they feel there is a problem. This makes people more active within their community and makes them more aware of their power and how they can use it to make a difference within society.

7. To Teach Children the Importance of Accepting Diversity

It is important for people to accept diversity in order for society to grow. If children are exposed to different races, backgrounds, religions, etc., they will feel more comfortable with society’s looks and feelings. A great way to do this is by teaching them about the Constitution because it is one of the most important documents in making sure people are all equal under the law. This way, children can learn how to treat each other with respect and accept each other for their differences rather than trying to change them.

8. To Teach Children About Their Citizenship Rights

For people to feel as though they have a say, they need to know that they are citizens. Teaching children about the Constitution makes them more aware of their citizenship rights and how ‎to participate in democracy. It also lets them know what kind of actions they can take if they feel there is a problem with the way they are being treated.

9. To Teach Children the Government Structure

In order to have a successful government, children need to be aware of how it is structured and who has the power within it. This way, they can see people’s different positions and how those positions work together for a common goal. By knowing this, then children will feel as ‎if they are more involved in their community and have a better understanding of how to take action if they feel their government is not working properly.


The Constitution is one of the most important documents that people should be familiar with. Not only does it set up how people are governed in America, but it also lets everyone know what their citizenship rights are and how they can take action if they feel as ‎there is something wrong with the way they are being treated. When children learn about this document, they can feel more confident in themselves and how to stand up for what they believe in. It also makes them feel as though they have a say, which is an important aspect of our democracy that everyone should know about! Therefore, if your children are not taught about our constitution, it is the right time you make arrangement of teaching them.

What is a sleigh bed?

A sleigh bed is described by headboards and footboards that fold. They are also called volute beds because of their unmistakable plan. Sleigh beds are typically make from powerful and sturdy materials, made with luxurious borders that have been a well-known style joint for many years. An immortal choice, the contours of the sleigh beds, feel equally at home in contemporary planned rooms as they are close to a vintage stylistic theme, shaping the convergence point of any room.

The Hugo & Sons contours of the sleigh beds are proclaimed for their size and good taste. A special shape, conventional sleigh beds are larger than most different plans, and most models have huge side panels that reduce the hole under the bed. While this limit indicates additional space under the base, there are sleigh beds that can store areas located elsewhere, for example, drawers in the feet.

Types of Sleigh Bed Frames Available

The outlines of the sleigh bed were generally produced with heavy wood, which was cut to shape the fitted edges. Current developments have seen the plan get a revamped texture, with increasingly popular manufactured sleigh beds. Our scope includes both wood beds and upholstered styles to suit all preferences.

Wooden sleigh beds

The contours of the wooden sleigh bed are a natural bed plan that will not go out of style. Our strong wooden sleigh beds are made from quality pine and come in styles ranging from a light-shaded pine sleigh bed to the rich matte finish of our Otis model. There is also the alternative of choosing the ideal slat base type. Choose strong or spring braces, depending on how much help you need.

Upholstered sleigh beds

Textured sleigh beds add an extra layer of comfort, covering the edge with delicate manufactured materials. Our upholstered bed outlines are accessible as a faux fur cowhide option or a textured dark-produced sleigh bed. Both varieties include a nifty secret storage cabinet in the foot. These sleigh beds with capacity are made with a piece of furniture supported very deeply. Sleigh beds with drawers combine eye-catching style with useful capacity.

In what sizes are the sleigh beds available?

Our sleigh beds are accessible in our largest sizes, adding a rich touch to the standard and master rooms. From sovereign sleigh beds to super ruler beds, these massive housings are meant to enhance the style of the coolest rooms.

Small double

Our smallest double-size sleigh bed is designed for slightly smaller rooms. These sovereign-sized sleigh bed outlines measure 4 feet and are only accessible on our upholstered model.


The double contours of the sleigh bed are famous among couples as they offer enough space to relax. At 4’6 “, the double bed size fits standard rooms and applies to our Otis sleigh and texture beds.

Extra big

A sleigh bed with a ruler is appropriate for the master bedrooms, as the extra size offers plenty of room to relax. The contours of our oversized sleigh bed measure 5ft and are featured in all alternatives, including the Kensington wood bed frame, which is only accessible in jumbo size.

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