One of the most integral factors that is necessary for the longevity, health and viability of your greenhouse is its irrigation system. While there are many types of irrigation systems to choose from, you must analyse the structure, features and conditions of your greenhouse and the plants contained within it to determine the type of irrigation that is compatible with you. Watering greenhouse plants in excess is as harmful as depriving them of enough water. Hence an efficient irrigation system must be put in place to nourish your plants. The following are the three popular irrigation systems that cater to the needs of most greenhouses.

  1. Drip Irrigation System

A drip irrigation system is suitable for greenhouses of all sizes. It consists of a large hose with numerous emitters through which water is released at regular intervals every day. Setting up this irrigation system is easy. It can either be buried in the soil or placed on the surface according to your convenience. The primary factor to be aware of while setting up this system is to ensure the proximity of the emitters with the plants because it facilitates maximum efficiency. A drip irrigation system allows you to adjust the amount of water required and the frequency of irrigation precisely. This reduces the wastage of water and nutrients because they are provided directly to each plant without unnecessary spillage on leaves and inter-plant spaces. 

  1. Misting Irrigation System

Misting irrigation system, commonly known as a spraying system is ideal for large greenhouses. This system is mostly preferred by people who are in the seed-planting stage because it meets the frequent irrigation requirements of seedlings. The misting system releases tiny droplets of water on the plants and the seedlings for longer periods at set intervals. It plays an important role in maintaining the coolness of the greenhouse. While the drip irrigation system is placed at the ground level, a misting irrigation system is set up above the plants for maximum coverage. It can be automated to function according to your needs and hence should be managed with care to minimise water wastage. 

  1. Sprinkler Irrigation System

Sprinkler irrigation systems are cheaper to set up but you might need to spend a large amount of money to operate and maintain it. It involves the spraying of water from the nozzles of overhead sprinklers in the greenhouse in all directions. Greenhouse sprinklers can also be arranged at the ground level – this arrangement is less popular than the overhead arrangement. The sprinkler irrigation system uses more water because it sprays water everywhere and not just on the plants. This causes water loss in the form of evaporation. Hence this system is ideal for greenhouses with plants that require large quantities of water during each irrigation cycle. 

Once you finalize the type of greenhouse irrigation system, you must decide where to buy it from. Choosing an irrigation system provider must be based on several factors like the company’s experience, certification, reputation and the provisions of the warranty. Your greenhouse plants will flourish for many years when provided with the right irrigation system.