Columbia University is widely recognised as one of America’s best institutions. It is well-regarded among the other Ivy League colleges, with an exclusive admittance rate and high average starting fees for graduates.

Columbia’s unusual mix of outstanding academic departments across the board and proximity to New York City puts it and its students in a unique position to benefit from both the advantages of a top-20 university and the advantages of living in a metropolitan hub.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that Columbia receives over 40,000 applications each year. Nonetheless, the Columbia University admittance rate is roughly 6%, making it one of the most difficult Ivy League schools to get into. If you’re a student residing in student accommodation in Columbia and just cannot wait to live your college dream, you have come to the right place!

Let’s start by answering some of the very frequently asked questions about Columbia University.

Is it hard to get into Columbia?

One of the reasons Columbia is such a prominent institution is because of its low admission rate. It wouldn’t have as much scholarly and social clout if it were simple to get into!

The reported acceptance percentage varies from year to year, but you can bet that it will be less than 6% in any given year. Columbia revealed a 3.9 per cent acceptance rate for the class of 2025, meaning that just roughly four students out of every 100 candidates would receive a prized acceptance letter.

What is the average SAT scores that students in Columbia shall have?

The students of Columbia have an average SAT score of between 1510 and 1560, making it a very competitive college. Remember that this is an average—not it’s the only score you can get, and students who score around that will get a little additional help, while kids who score below that will have to show how well they’ll do in other parts of the application.

This is why it is critical to begin SAT preparation as soon as possible. You can always try again if your initial score isn’t quite right. Preparing for the SAT can help you get closer to your target score, and therefore closer to having that coveted admission letter in your fingers.

How to prepare your answers for the college essay?

Writing a strong and impactful response to the “Why do you want to go to Columbia” essay is critical. Because the admissions staff already knows how amazing Columbia is, use this area to explain why it’s the appropriate school for you and how you’ll contribute to the Columbia community. This is a perfect time to bring up your spike once more to tie everything together.

In your essay, be sure to put emphasis on your personal experience. Reading successful Columbia application essays is a terrific way to gain a sense of what Columbia is looking for and to see how personal details can transform the tone of an essay entirely.

Here we have a few tips that we’ve gathered for you, which might help you increase your chances of making it to your dream university, the University of Columbia!

Get in touch with the alumni of Columbia

Ivy League alumni have a long and illustrious history of networking. Indeed, one of the most long-lasting benefits of graduating from these prestigious colleges is access to a very wide network of alumni who can assist you in your career endeavours. Individuals who are seriously contemplating attending universities are also connected. Because Columbia is no exception, reaching out to a Columbia graduate or someone who is living in the student halls in Columbia University for a brief conversation may be quite beneficial.

You can go ahead and ask any questions you have about the institution, its admissions process, what it’s like to attend, and more at this discussion. You may also inquire about any recommendations or advice the alumnus may have on applying to Columbia. Hearing from someone who has done what you want to do and succeeded is a terrific approach to get useful and insightful knowledge. It’s also something you might include on your application to help distinguish yourself by demonstrating initiative and a strong desire to attend the university.

Work for your letter of recommendation 

Nothing beats a strong letter of reference from one of your instructors for making admissions authorities take a second look at your application. While most teachers will be complimentary of you, you must reach out to the correct individual for the position. Consider your previous lessons and see which ones you succeeded in. Try to go over the interactions you’ve had with your professors throughout the years.

Which ones stick out as being more significant than the rest? These letters of reference are intended to provide admissions officers with a fresh perspective on what you can bring to the university. Teachers should provide a personal, informative, and enlightening overview of your academic accomplishments, hobbies, and personality. As we previously said, it’s critical to notify instructors as soon as possible about this need so that they have enough time to create something meaningful.

Nail your essays 

While most Ivy League institutions have an extra writings portion, Columbia University takes a different approach to these feared questions. Students may find Columbia’s essays to be both tough and thought-provoking, rather than typical and uninteresting queries. Major cultural themes, such as podcasts, programmes, music, movies, art, and literature, are frequently referenced in the questions.

As a result, in order to do well on these essays, you’ll need to be a little more imaginative and personal than usual. It’s always a good idea to contact out a college admissions consultant or specialist if you’re having trouble writing the right essay.

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