A sleigh bed is described by headboards and footboards that fold. They are also called volute beds because of their unmistakable plan. Sleigh beds are typically make from powerful and sturdy materials, made with luxurious borders that have been a well-known style joint for many years. An immortal choice, the contours of the sleigh beds, feel equally at home in contemporary planned rooms as they are close to a vintage stylistic theme, shaping the convergence point of any room.

The Hugo & Sons contours of the sleigh beds are proclaimed for their size and good taste. A special shape, conventional sleigh beds are larger than most different plans, and most models have huge side panels that reduce the hole under the bed. While this limit indicates additional space under the base, there are sleigh beds that can store areas located elsewhere, for example, drawers in the feet.

Types of Sleigh Bed Frames Available

The outlines of the sleigh bed were generally produced with heavy wood, which was cut to shape the fitted edges. Current developments have seen the plan get a revamped texture, with increasingly popular manufactured sleigh beds. Our scope includes both wood beds and upholstered styles to suit all preferences.

Wooden sleigh beds

The contours of the wooden sleigh bed are a natural bed plan that will not go out of style. Our strong wooden sleigh beds are made from quality pine and come in styles ranging from a light-shaded pine sleigh bed to the rich matte finish of our Otis model. There is also the alternative of choosing the ideal slat base type. Choose strong or spring braces, depending on how much help you need.

Upholstered sleigh beds

Textured sleigh beds add an extra layer of comfort, covering the edge with delicate manufactured materials. Our upholstered bed outlines are accessible as a faux fur cowhide option or a textured dark-produced sleigh bed. Both varieties include a nifty secret storage cabinet in the foot. These sleigh beds with capacity are made with a piece of furniture supported very deeply. Sleigh beds with drawers combine eye-catching style with useful capacity.

In what sizes are the sleigh beds available?

Our sleigh beds are accessible in our largest sizes, adding a rich touch to the standard and master rooms. From sovereign sleigh beds to super ruler beds, these massive housings are meant to enhance the style of the coolest rooms.

Small double

Our smallest double-size sleigh bed is designed for slightly smaller rooms. These sovereign-sized sleigh bed outlines measure 4 feet and are only accessible on our upholstered model.


The double contours of the sleigh bed are famous among couples as they offer enough space to relax. At 4’6 “, the double bed size fits standard rooms and applies to our Otis sleigh and texture beds.

Extra big

A sleigh bed with a ruler is appropriate for the master bedrooms, as the extra size offers plenty of room to relax. The contours of our oversized sleigh bed measure 5ft and are featured in all alternatives, including the Kensington wood bed frame, which is only accessible in jumbo size.