What is your aesthetic? Aesthetic esthetics is a field of study that deals largely with the subjective nature of taste and beauty, and the culture and philosophy behind art. It studies aesthetic values most commonly expressed through personal judgments of aesthetic beauty. It also studies the history of ideas about aesthetic beauty, and the societal construction of those values.

The field of aesthetics is actually the first field of study in object theory. In object theory, aesthetic value is defined by what it does to the human body, rather than by what it makes the human body look like. Thus, aesthetics is a more complex field of study than is science because it requires that we explain what an object actually does to us, and what it can do to us. Thus, we need to take into account the many different influences on aesthetic appeal, including culture, fashion, technology, politics, advertising, literature, and other social media. The more these different influences are studied and accounted for, the more accurate our definitions of aesthetic taste and style become.

One way to learn about aesthetic value is to take a quiz on a popular fashion magazine or website. A quiz will give you an idea of how influential designers and brands are on your own aesthetic tastes and values. For instance, if you are interested in hip hop clothing, you might find that the clothes that designers are putting out have a distinct urban flavor to them. On the other hand, if you are interested in elegant minimalism, then you might not be able to connect certain designers’ styles to your own taste. Quizzes like this allow you to get a quick snapshot of the contemporary aesthetic style of the moment, helping you make your own judgments about style and fashion.

Another way to get an idea of your aesthetic preferences is to examine the ways in which you communicate about them. Do you talk about your aesthetic preferences in essays, journal articles, blog posts, on your MySpace page, or do you simply pass them off as a casual observation? If you think about how you talk about style and aesthetics in your communications, you might notice that you often use words that also synonymously describe personal attributes, such as calm, collected, sophisticated, and so on. An example of a language that describes your aesthetic preferences in this way might be “My tastes in interior design are much like my favorite coffee shop in San Francisco – I am always calm and collected there.”

Aesthetics can also be defined by what is my favorite color. Color can speak a great deal about a person’s personality, as it can be a deep register of emotion. Thus, the intensity and the vibrancy of your favorite color may tell you a great deal about what is your artistic style. What is your favorite color may be completely different than your mother’s favorite color or it may just be a preference that you learned from your parents when you were young. You might even have a favorite color that matches your personality quite well.

What is my aesthetic style is an aesthetics quiz for every one of us. We all can identify with at least some degree of it. The more you can internalize it the easier it will become to communicate it in our communication. What is my favorite color is not just a question that you can answer without thinking, but rather a tool that can give you insight into your personality and what kind of life you want to lead. An aesthetically-inclined person may have a soft girl persona, a hard girl persona, a sensitive girl persona, a geeky girl persona, and so on.