A Precision Medicine Primer from Three Faculty Members

Learn about precision medicine from faculty members who are leading the charge: Tom Maniatis, David Goldstein, and Wendy Chung.

Tom Maniatis Gives An Overview
Tom Maniatis, chair of the department of biochemistry and molecular biophysics at CUMC and director of Columbia’s Precision Medicine Initiative, appeared in this video from Time.


David Goldstein on Genetic Diagnosis
David Goldstein, director of the Institute for Genomic Medicine, shares a story of challenging case: a toddler who had trouble walking, arm weakness, and vision problems successfully treated after advanced genetic testing revealed a surprise cause. Watch the video.


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Wendy Chung on Clinical Genetics
Wendy Chung, Herbert Irving associate professor of pediatrics, discusses her genetic research and how it is changing the treatment of disease in this Q&A.