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Campaign Lift-Off

As President Bollinger announced in a May 11 message to alumni, faculty, and staff, “The Columbia Commitment is more than a commitment to the University. It is a renewal of our bonds with the world and our shared future.”

Columbians gathered at Ellis Island that evening to launch The Columbia Commitment. In the shadow of the Statue of Liberty where countless immigrants arrived in America, 325 alumni, donors, and friends explored ideas and impact across various Columbia commitments. Called “Crossing Borders | People, Ideas, Solutions,” the event featured faculty addressing complex questions ranging from gender and ethnic equality to the future of medicine. See photos from the event here.

Front Line of Climate Response

In an extraordinary three-part seriesThe New York Times reported how Columbia scientists are leading the effort to measure the impact of rising sea levels around the world. According to the Times, “The project to map the structure and depth of the ice shelf…puts Columbia and its partner institutions on the front lines of one of the world’s most urgent scientific and political problems.”

“Antarctic Dispatches” was featured on the print edition’s front-page and full interactive coverage includes virtual reality video and data visualization.

Engaging The Class of 2017

The CAA recently welcomed more than 7,000 new alumni to its ranks. Before Commencement, new graduates received a message on behalf of CAA Chair Brian Krisberg ’81CC, ’84LAW and CAA President Donna MacPhee ’89CC, welcoming these new alumni to a “vibrant, global community that will unite you with a diverse group of more than 330,000 leaders, change-makers, and innovators.”

The day after Commencement, the CAA sent a dynamic email with a live polling feature, alerting graduates to all of the benefits available from their alumni network and encouraging them to vote on benefits they’d like to hear more about. The CAA is currently using data from more than 800 votes to deliver a targeted follow-up email to new graduates based on their interests.  

The CAA also sent a special Commencement-edition newsletter to more than 200,000 existing alumni the day before the event, with a live countdown clock leading up to its start. During Commencement, the clock switched to a live stream of the ceremony, so alumni could access it directly from their email accounts.

Featured Event

Hear Michael Shadlen, professor of neuroscience, speak at the Chelsea Music Festival, where he will share insights from neuroscience about “sensing and reproducing short intervals of time, like the beats of Beethoven’s metronome.”

Friday, June 16 | 6:45—9:30 p.m.
St. Paul’s German Lutheran Church
315 West 22nd Street

RSVP here. And read more about Professor Shadlen and the Future of Neuroscience on the Columbia Commitment website.

Campaign Lift-Off

It’s almost here. The Columbia Commitment launches on May 11. In coming weeks, keep your eyes out for an announcement from—and Columbia Magazine interview with—President Bollinger, as well as the premiere of our new giving and campaign website.