Favorite Hobbies of Younger Retirees

Retiring young has become an increasingly popular goal of many people today. Others choose to work remotely, work part-time, or otherwise scale their time so that they are partially retired. The increase in people retiring young as well as people being in better health as they age has spurred a movement toward more active and involved hobbies among the retired population.

Home Brewing

Home brewing is a fun and interesting hobby that many people enjoy. Home brewing requires some initial investment in equipment and knowledge, but there are kits available that make the process less daunting. Learning to homebrew is rewarding and as home brewers increase in their skill and knowledge, they can branch out and try harder and more creative brews. Best of all-home brewers can enjoy great beers that they made themselves!


Travel is one of the reasons so many people want to retire early or have flexible work schedules. The ability to travel more often, to more places, and for longer periods of time is a huge advantage that people with flexible schedules enjoy. Rather than being limited to one or two weeks of vacation time a year, those with flexible schedules, work-from-anywhere jobs, or who are retired can travel much more often. Some people in this category actually sell their homes and travel full-time, whether that’s regionally in an RV or internationally using furnished homes and hotels as their housing.

Playing Sports

Playing sports has become more popular as retirees seek to stay fit and active, especially among those who retire early. Sports like pickleball, tennis, golf, and bowling are taking up more of retirees’ time, and in the process, they are staying healthier and having more fulfilling lives. Even those who can no longer play active games enjoy less strenuous sports like swimming and fishing, and group activities like water yoga and dancing classes are common.


Cruising is another category of travel that many retirees or semi-retired people enjoy. Some people take several cruises a year, using them as their main form of travel. Cruising is different than other kinds of travel but planning and organizing a cruise is much easier than planning other kinds of international travel. There are even people who live full-time on cruise ships! They might travel on back-to-back cruises or book one of the rare but amazing 6-month or year-long cruises that are available.

Keeping Show Animals

Many retirees keep a pet for companionship, to have something to take care of each day, and simply because they enjoy them. For some people, pets have always been a part of their life. For others, pets became important as their children began leaving home. Some retirees take their interest in their animals beyond the ordinary and enjoy showing their pets. Keeping a show dog or cat (or other pet) is a different level of commitment than most pet owners have, but for those who love the sport, showing animals is a passion and a lifestyle.

Learning a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language is becoming a popular retirement hobby. Self-education in general is seen as a great way to spend leisure hours, and with the rise in travel among all ages, learning a language has a great practical purpose as well. Learning a foreign language through videos, in-person classes, or immersion in another country can be fun, interesting, and challenging.

Continuing Education

Many retirees or semi-retired people enjoy adding meaning to their lives through continuing education. Whether it is learning a skill they always wanted to have, like painting or photography, or pursuing a degree, it’s never too late to learn. Some people have even started completely new careers after reaching retirement age, finally feeling free to pursue the passion they always had now that the need for income is gone.


Many retirees look forward to having more free time so they can volunteer in ways they weren’t able to when working. Active retirees often volunteer for community service outreach programs that get them involved personally, like serving the homeless, working at animal shelters, or holding babies in the hospital. Other people prefer to keep their volunteer activities private and volunteer from home, doing such things as answering hotline calls, knitting blankets for foster children, or doing grant writing, bookkeeping, and other office duties for nonprofits.

Starting a Business

Many younger or active retirees have experience in business or management and enjoy starting a small side job. It keeps them busy, adds meaning to their lives, and gives them an additional stream of income. Many retirees start small businesses that center around a hobby they have always enjoyed and wished to have more time for. Others start home businesses connected with the field that they worked in before they retired.

Starting a Blog or Vlog

Starting a new blog, vlog, or website is a fun way for retirees to stay busy, express themselves, and even make some side money. Many times, this hobby will combine with other interests such as photography, cooking, or travel. It also allows retirees to keep up with family and friends as they can share pictures and updates on their sites.


Crafting has always been a favorite hobby of people of all ages. Many retirees already enjoy fiber crafts, scrapbooking, woodwork, or some other craft. Retiring or cutting back at work simply allows them to spend more time doing what they already love. For others, retiring and having too much leisure time is the impetus that drives them to find a new crafting hobby. Either way, crafting is one of the most popular hobbies for retirees.