Technology and Progress

Technology often gets a bad rap – whether it is social media, said to be ruining the social fabric of society, or fake news undermining democracy. But we shouldn’t forget the ways in which technological progress has helped us, and continues to do so. In my opinion, technology is actually one of the biggest drivers of social progress. Here’s why.

The Great Equalizer

Technological progress allows us to communicate and collaborate with people we’d never otherwise interact with. The internet is a great equalizer, allowing us to collaborate and exchange ideas with people from all walks of life. A more connected world allows for better understanding among people, and opens the door for ideas to flow freely and be shared. This helps bridge economic, geographic, and even cultural divides.

Quality of Life

As technology becomes more advanced, it is also becoming more accessible. This is a major boon for humanity, as technological progress is one of the key drivers of quality of life. It allows us to focus on more fulfilling work, rather than spending time on manual labor.

Technological progress allows us to have more leisure time, which is correlated with happiness. It allows us to be more connected to others, which is also associated with happiness. It allows us to be healthier, to live longer, and to enjoy more access to healthcare. As a result, we’re living longer, healthier, happier lives than ever before (this is actually true)!

Boosting Human Potential

Technological progress doesn’t just help us live better lives, it also helps us develop our potential to the fullest. It opens up new possibilities for us to work on solving humanity’s biggest challenges, and helps us get there faster.

For example, the internet allows for more collaboration and sharing of ideas, which is at the core of technological progress. This contributes to solving problems that humanity has never been able to solve before.

The internet also allows us to work remotely, as we’ve all seen over the past year, and to pursue work that may have previously been unavailable to us. This helps us to reach our potential, and to feel fulfilled in our careers.


Technology isn’t perfect. It can be used for evil, and it can have unintended consequences. Just like with any tool, it takes a bit of wisdom to use technology properly.

Here are a few of the potential downsides to technology:

  • Lack of social interaction – people have become less connected socially recently, that is true.
  • Us vs. them – Technology can help us connect with others, but it can also lead to us feeling more isolated from our communities. Some individuals are even choosing to unplug completely, and this can be a good thing, but it isn’t for everyone.
  • Addiction – Technology can be addictive, and it can distract us from what is in front of us.

Closing thoughts

Technology can be a double-edged sword. It can be used to benefit humanity, but it can also be used to harm others. It is up to us to use technology in a way that is good for humanity.

The good news is that technology, as a whole, is a net positive for humanity. It helps us to connect, collaborate, and work on projects that further our common goals. It helps us to live better lives, and to reach our full potential.

As with any tool, it is up to us to use technology responsibly. Technology doesn’t have a mind of its own, yet. We are the ones who control it, and we are the ones who decide how it is used. We are the ones who decide the fate of humanity.