Why Brown Adipose Tissue Matters if You Want to Lose Weight

Weight loss advice often ignores the processes already happening in the body that support losing weight. Here’s a closer look at brown adipose tissue and how it can help the body shed pounds.

The body has four main types of fat: white fat, brown fat, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Each type of fat has a different role, and not all fats are bad.

White fat – also known as white adipose tissue – stores energy, produces important hormones, such as adiponectin, which makes a person less likely to get diabetes or suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Subcutaneous fat is located just underneath the surface of the skin. This is one of the types of fats that accumulates when someone has more weight on them than they should. A little subcutaneous fat is ok to have, as long as it’s not too much.

Visceral fat is fat that accumulates around the organs, and has a negative impact on health if there is too much of it. This type of fat is linked with everything from diabetes and cardiovascular disease to a higher risk of stroke.

Brown fat – also known as brown adipose tissue – is the most interesting fat in terms of its links with weight loss. When brown fat is stimulated, it actually burns calories. It is brown fat that keeps you warm when it gets cold. The cold activates brown fat to produce warmth through a process called thermogenesis. As well as keeping you warm, thermogenesis helps to break down too much of the other fats in the body, and it increases metabolism. Research shows that a higher amount of brown fat is found in slim people than it is in overweight people, and is thought to help leaner people stay slim.

How To Get More Brown Adipose Tissue

With research showing that the activation of brown fat can actually help you lose weight, the question everyone wants answering is ‘how do you get more brown fat?’ One answer is to look towards weight loss pills such as Exipure. While other weight loss pills are not founded on real science, Exipure incorporates ingredients such as quercetin, that has the specific aim of turning white fats into brown adipose tissue. Read some Exipure reviews for more insights into this weight loss solution.

The idea of getting more brown fat into the bodies of those who want to lose weight is one that is rapidly gaining traction. While this is best done in conjunction with other approaches to weight loss, such as healthier eating, eating less and exercising, increasing brown adipose tissue is the piece of the puzzle that has been missing in the weight loss world for many years.

Research also shows that eating nutrient-rich diets and exercising consistently helps to build up brown fat supplies. In particular, ingesting a high amount of protein, fiber and water – plus vitamins and minerals from fresh fruit and vegetables – is the best way to gradually increase brown fat supplies through food. In terms of exercise, high intensity exercise that makes you sweat is the best for increasing levels of brown adipose tissue. Since brown adipose tissue is activated when it gets cold, some people suggest lowering the temperatures of the heating in your home to kickstart it into action. This doesn’t mean you have to be so cold you are shivering, but lowering the temperature a little can help.

Once an individual has more brown adipose tissue in their body, the effects of their weight loss regime as a whole should start to kick into effect. In particular, brown fat enables the body to burn calories all the time, not just when exercising. Furthermore, having more brown adipose tissue helps the body regulate its temperature better, since one of the core purposes of this brown fat is thermogenesis. A body with a better regulated temperature is one in which organs can function more optimally, keeping metabolism at a healthy rate. This also helps with weight loss before any exercise or healthy eating is even done.

Another great benefit of having more brown fat in the body is that it helps to regulate both insulin and leptin levels. Insulin helps to maintain glucose levels, which can particularly help if someone is transitioning from unhealthy eating habits into healthier ones. Stable levels of leptin can also help to suppress appetite so people don’t eat more than they need to.

Much of the research around brown adipose tissue also shows how people with more of it feel more energetic. Scientifically-speaking, this is because it supports the breakdown of glucose into energy. When someone has more energy, they will be more physically active, either by generally continuing to move throughout the day, or by embarking on more intensive forms of exercise. This is how having more brown adipose tissue can create a positive cycle of weight loss and healthy weight management.