Travel During Covid: Is It Worth the Risk?

Travel in the wake of the pandemic might be a risky undertaking.

We may not have defeated Covid entirely, but more and more good news is arriving each day. With vaccines showing promising results and the economy recovering, the first step back into our everyday pre-Covid life is nearer than ever.

As countries are slowly re-opening to welcome new visitors, many travelers are aching to hop on the next plane and discover the world. While many nations still impose laws like mandatory masks and social distancing, tourists can somewhat safely enjoy the wonders of the (open) world. While countries across Europe allow travelers to enter with a vaccination certificate, proof of immunity, or negative Covid test, other nations like the United States only allow nationals and essential personnel to cross the border.

Nonetheless, airlines and other players of the tourism industry are already forging plans to reignite the economy. Many offer heavy discounts or cooperate with hotels to create complete vacation packages at bargain prices.

Now that the world of traveling is opening up again, many are looking for destinations to travel to. Covid marked a shift in perception for many of us, including the availability of traveling. With closed borders and grounded airplanes, countries and places we always hoped to visit were suddenly further away than ever.

Remember that vacation to Singapore you always planned but never followed through? Or the trip to Belize you always talked about with your significant other, just to never realize those plans? Many of us have those dream vacations that we always wanted to do but postponed indefinitely. If Covid showed us one thing, it was that those plans could be destroyed any day.

So now is the best time to make up your plans for 2022. With prices lower than ever, many destinations are just waiting to be visited. If you need inspiration, you should consult your favorite travel site. This site has a host of fantastic articles about cities and destinations you might have never considered. So, if you are looking for your next vacation, make sure to look at some of their recommended towns and areas to visit!

Tips for Travel in 2022 and the Future

Picking a travel destination is a question of open borders, as well as one of hygiene and safety measures. Many countries handled the pandemic in vastly different ways, from strict lockdowns and closed borders to the complete negligence of Covid and its effects. As such, traveling in a post-Covid world might be more dangerous than what it seems like.

You should avoid countries that took almost no measures to fight the Coronavirus. This includes many countries in Africa and Asia, but also more prominent countries like Brazil, where president Bolsonaro made weird claims about Covid and the vaccines, despite getting vaccinated himself. So, even while travel to Brazil is legally possible, it should probably be avoided. The same goes for a number of countries.

In the same vein, maybe your focus should shift towards remote travel destinations. The further away from big cities, the lower your risk of getting infected or being subject to strict rules. While towns and countries are still battling with the disease, the countryside might be more welcoming. Besides, many countries have beautiful places outside of their big cities.

So, choosing the first country to visit can become a riddle. For now, it might be best to wait a few more months and see how different governments handle the pandemic. As vaccination campaigns progress, there will undoubtedly be more news about countries opening their borders soon.

One thing to note is the upcoming spike in prices for traveling, though: For brave travelers, booking flights and hotels during the pandemic was a bargain-hunting galore. Tickets were cheaper than ever, and hotels desperate for visitors underbid each other to gain business. However, with the economy slowly recovering, so are the prices of the travel industry. As a result, plane tickets are rising in price, and hotels are returning to their old pre-Covid rates.

Another factor to note is the increase in demand for travel. As traveling becomes safer, more people will book tickets and hotels. Due to that, finding a vacation at a reasonable price could become a challenge of its own. Besides that, more destinations will be swarmed with tourists, making the stay riskier. Therefore, planning a vacation could become a question of risk vs. reward.

If you are up for the gamble, you can book a vacation now and plan it for next year. However, with mutations still being a significant threat, nobody can say what 2022 will look like. Due to all of these factors, it is probably the best idea to sit tight for a couple more weeks and wait before you book your next trip.