Do you have ‘the million-dollar idea?’ Have the passion to scale it into a success?

But what about the capital? 

The hardest challenge that a future tycoon can face is raising money. Convincing someone to believe in your dream costs resilience, connections, and, of course, a plan. The experts at Marquee Equity can assist you in devising the right plan, which will enable you to pitch your idea better. 

If you are also on the verge of kickstarting your entrepreneurial journey then, here are a few tips that can help you in raising the money:   

Bootstrapping or Self-funding

You should be the first one to believe in your idea. Investing your own money and assets gives you full control of your business and keeps you unburdened from debts or obligations to a third party. However, over 90% of start-ups get up and run without the aid of loans or grants. That being said, bootstrapping has its own pros and cons.

Reaching out to Family & Friends

Some of you might not agree with reaching out to your friends and family, as it can lead to some squabbles or put a strain on your relationships. But borrowing money from your social network can give you access to interest-free (or low-interest) money. However, there is no compunction in following this route — you can always evaluate your risks and take the call accordingly. It can be less terrifying with the right plan. 

Research about Government Grants

The U.S. Government offers industry-specific grants – for things like clean energy, sustainability, nonprofits, and so on. So it is advisable to check if your startup can be eligible for any such grants. However, these grants follow strict criteria and the application process is quite rigorous. They do not have to be paid back or require a loss of controlling stake. 

Professionals at Marquee Equity can definitely assist you in collating all the requirements. 

Hire professionals

Finding the right fundraising service can make your life way easier than you imagined. They offer you a full stack of services and guidance that helps you grow in the right direction. Marquee Equity leverages the power of AI to reduce the turnaround time. 

According to them, “Through the use of our proprietary AI systems, we have successfully automated a majority of investment banking processes. Our disintermediation platform can handle 8x the deal volume of an average investment banker, which has drastically reduced the amount of time it takes to find the right investor – from a few months to just a couple of weeks.”

Go the creative way

If your idea falls within the ‘out of the box’ category, then why limit yourself to the traditional ways of raising funds? Talk to your advisor at Marquee Equity and they will guide you in the right direction and build the right strategies and collateral for you.

Last but not the least, stay relevant, stay in touch with your investors, and most importantly, surround yourself with people who believe in you and will always nudge you in the right direction. Understand that you cannot know it all from day one and you will keep on learning and growing as you progress.