Innerspring futon mattresses have been a mainstay of Japanese bedroom furniture for many years. They’re known for being firm, comfortable, and of course, luxurious. Although they are primarily used in Japanese-styled beds, American markets have quickly caught up with this kind of mattress and provide consumers with innerspring futon mattresses. Whether you’re looking for a traditional style futon bed with a contemporary aesthetic or simply shopping on a budget, you’ll find that shopping for a cheap innerspring futon mattress is easy when you shop online.


When shopping for a cheap innerspring futon mattress, it’s important that you first familiarize yourself with mattress construction. Most people are familiar with the different forms of springs used in a mattress such as metal, wood, and fiber springs. However, two more common forms of innerspring futon mattress construction may not be familiar to many people: tufted and platform. The difference between the two is that, with tufted coils, the coils are closely packed together while the platform bed version leaves spaces between the categories of coils. The reason for the difference is that tufted coils require more effort to pull them apart, making the springs much more durable.

Platform bed innerspring futon mattress construction uses two slats, one inside the other, for support. When the slats are turned together, it creates a “box” that provides support for the mattress. Platform bed mattresses generally come in two types: flatbed and drop-leaf. The flatbed is designed to be a single complete unit and can either be built up in the lower bed of the house or on a solid surface on the outside of the home. The drop leaf is constructed similarly but involves the use of several removable slats of different sizes.

Cotton is usually the main material used for the construction of a futon mattress. The most popular fabric for this type of bedding is memory cotton. Memory cotton allows air to circulate through the material and provide exceptional comfort. While it is more expensive than many of the other fabrics on the market, it provides an unparalleled amount of comfort.

Firmness – There are many differences between standard mattress sizes and the thickness of futon mattresses. Futon mattresses tend to be a little more firm than traditional mattresses. The standard mattress size is closer to the actual size of the body and has a depth that is three times as long as the depth of a futon mattress. A futon mattress depth is measured using the number of stitches per inch. The number of stitches per inch provides a true idea of the firmness of the mattress.

Thickness – Futon mattress thickness varies by manufacturer. An example of this would be the Sealy TrueForm mattress line. The TrueForm mattresses contain lesser seams per inch, which increases the overall thickness. This information will also be provided when you buy a futon mattress online. The mattress thicknesses also have varying levels of tautness. High tautness is often associated with a soft mattress whereas lower tautness is associated with a firmer mattress.

The two different thicknesses of mattresses that are available can cause suffocation if a person lies directly on top of one of the futon mattress layers. The mattress needs to be covered in a cover or blanket. This helps reduce the chances of direct contact between the mattress and the sleeper. The cover also keeps dust mites and other bacteria out of the mattress. It also prevents dirt from penetrating through the layers into the body of the sleeper.

Mattresses come with both coil and foam layers. Coils are used for extra firmness and spring back while foam layers provide additional comfort. The mattresses come with several different densities. Each density will provide the sleeper with a different level of comfort.

Although they are primarily used in Japanese furniture, American markets have recently caught up with this kind of mattress and sell innerspring futon beds to consumers everywhere. While air, latex, or memory foam mattresses remain popular, some folks still favor Western-style futons with coils. Why is this so? There are a few distinct reasons why this is true.

Located within the Frame

First, the coils in a traditional innerspring futon mattress are located within the frame, rather than out in the open. Why is this an important point? Because it means that the coils can be more properly aligned. The greater amount of space within the frame allows for more accurate positioning of the coils, which leads to a more comfortable sleep surface as well as greater support for your body weight. If you are someone who has had problems with your sleep due to your previous mattress and now has moved to a new platform bed, perhaps switching to a coil-free mattress could help you enjoy a better night’s rest.

8-Foot Wide Sofa

Another reason why many folks prefer the innerspring futon mattress construction over other styles is that mattresses side a true 8-foot wide sofa. This means that guests or family members who join you won’t feel as though you are alone, a common problem when traveling with a heavy overnight guest or roommate. If you sleep on your own, don’t let your significant other wiggle your shoulder while you roll onto your back! Imagine if the innerspring futon mattress you currently have is not a true 8-foot sofa and you are sharing your bed with a third party, imagine how uncomfortable your night would be.

Memory Foam or a Cotton/Cotton Blend

A typical futon mattress is made from either memory foam or a cotton/cotton blend. Many owners report that they like the softer feel of the cotton/cotton blend because it eliminates the need to wash the bed frequently. For those seeking maximum comfort, you may find that choosing between the two layers will be the most important aspect when making your purchase.

Memory foam and cotton fill offer different levels of firmness. Memory foam offers a softer feel, but at a premium cost. Cotton fill offers moderate firmness but can be machine washed like a regular mattress. The best-selling futon mattresses fall between these two thicknesses. They are made from a standard mattress size and dimensions, but feature thickness that is slightly thinner than the mattresses that are one and two-thirds the size of a standard mattress.


When shopping for a new, comfortable mattress consider both the innerspring and the platform bed types. In general, the innerspring futon mattress offers the most comfort due to the firm, even surface. The platform bed offers a little less support and can be more prone to sagging. Platform beds are available with several options, including tufting. If you prefer a more open feeling, the tufting option may be the most comfortable for you.