Reading is an essential part of school programs as it provides benefits like strengthened comprehension, better vocabulary, cognitive development, and a deeper understanding of matters concerning the world. 

To foster the habit of reading in children, it is imperative to provide access to good writers with books holding deep meanings to develop empathy and kindness in young minds. School programs must adapt to the changing book reading trends and understand how they can play a major role in teaching important matters to children.

JK Rowling (Harry Potter Series)

The Harry Potter series consists of brilliant storytelling with a complex plot that is not only highly entertaining and imaginative but also teaches kids important lessons. The book series is engaging enough to get kids hooked to reading them and has a rich choice of words that will help build the child’s vocabulary. 

The book series also teaches kids all key life lessons and does in a rather interesting manner. This fantasy book series is a great way to enrich children with lessons that will help them become better individuals, and the best part is that all of this is packed in a fiction tale!

Additionally, as your child gets into the habit of reading, you could further make this a personal bonding exercise by writing notes to your children regularly to impact them in a positive way. These notes could be wishing them luck for exams or a simple love note expressing your feelings for them.

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Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games)

This trilogy has received high rates of grading from Scholastic and makes for a good read for children. The book imparts lessons centered around anti-war and anti-violence that follow the theme of strong political messaging and rebellion against it. The Hunger Games book series focuses on a 16-year-old strong female protagonist with putting emphasis on fairness, loyalty, and injustice. 

The trilogy is a great way to let children understand societal issues and also follow a path of understanding social justice, and making the right decisions, and developing a fair understanding as they grow up. Equipped with a good word choice again, this book series is a good choice for introducing kids to a stronger vocabulary.

Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird)

A classic that has been a part of the academic curriculum at schools, this book was a bestseller and a classic when it comes to reading. The book talks about important life lessons and instills the importance of respect to all. With great examples of how being a good person comes ahead of anything else, it also talks about the gender issues that are deterrents to society. 

To Kill a MockingBird imparts timeless wisdom that must be a part of every child’s lessons and by way of including the book in curriculums, teachers have a great road to creating impact and instilling the importance of equality and fairness.

C.S Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia)

The Chronicles of Narnia is another marvelous and rather timeless story over series and the fact that its protagonists keep changing is rather refreshing from a reading perspective. The book series has a long list of complex characters and yet the story never loses its plot. 

The book’s characters are pulling enough to get the children reading more of it. Diving into a world so imaginative and intriguing will help students a great deal to channelize their imagination and creativity in the right direction while imparting important life lessons as they get lost in a story that is so magical and keeps one on the edge as the characters unfold.


Book reading can prove to be influential and progressive for children in school and adding more of these as part of the curriculum is necessary. Reading is a fulfilling and powerful activity, and habits that are fostered at a young age tend to last for longer. Reading for children has numerous benefits as stated above and must be encouraged at great length by parents and teachers.