Why ebookyo?

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there are some distinct benefits to eBooks. And since we’re offering so many of them these days—both free and paid—I thought it would be good to share some of the advantages eBooks have over printed books.


  1. They’re quicker to obtain.

If you want specific information and it’s available in a book, you can purchase an eBook and download it immediately. Instead of waiting for a printed book to be delivered, you can assess this information now. ebookyo.com is a complete source for different types of PDF books.


  1. eBooks are more easily updated and upgraded.

Information changes rapidly today. Books on many subjects can become dated very quickly. eBooks can be easily and quickly kept up to date. When you order an eBook, it can be the most up-to-the-minute information available.


  1. You usually get far more than just the book.

Most eBooks are sold with bonuses and related information that usually don’t come with the purchase of a traditional book. You might pay the same or even a bit more for an eBook, but you usually get more, too.


  1. eBooks take up less space.

Instead of a bulky library, you can fit literally thousands of books on your computer. It also makes it easier to share this information with family and coworkers.


  1. eBooks don’t use up trees.

Except when you print one out—something I usually do for booklets and special reports—eBooks use very few natural resources. We save trees and help reduce pollution from pulp mills.


  1. They’re more portable.

You can have quick and easy access to hundreds of books on your desktop computer, notebook or eBook reader. They’re much easier to take with you than traditional tomes.


  1. References can be hot-linked.

Easy links to Web sites and other references can be placed in an electronic book. While reading, you can click on hot links to other places to find out more. With the proliferation of wireless networks, this will become even more useful.


  1. You can custom brand them.

Other people’s eBooks can be branded with your name and you can allow others to brand YOUR eBooks with THEIR name. There are many viral eBooks and reports that the creators will often allow you to give away or sell, with your name or company’s name shown on the cover or linked at the end.


  1. You can do global searches and find information quickly.

When you’re looking for certain information within a book, you can easily find it using the find feature. It saves you time and aggravation looking for something in particular.


  1. The technology will get better.

This is an emerging technology and people are often slow to change. But as the quality of monitors improve and become more compact and mobile, more and more we’ll be reading electronic books.

ebookyo website can give you full access to all newly discovered e-books and typically full access to more than 4 million e-books .The powerful search engine of ebookyo site has also provided the possibility of searching and downloading books through isbn and the name of the author or the name of the publisher.

buying e-books from ebookyo can provide following advantages:

Buying books with a maximum  10%  of the original book price in foreign book stores.

The submitted books will be prepare and send maximum 12 hours later.

Ebookyo team can provide the original books pdf files.

Publisher digital locks will be unlocking and you can study without limitations.

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We mention some of these PDF files here:


Quinqui” Film in Spain: Peripheries of Society and Myths on the Margins

100 Great War Movies: The Real History Behind the Films

100 Greatest Film Scores

150 Best Cottage and Cabin Ideas (pdf)



A Closer Look at Biomechanics

A Handbook of Applied Statistics in Pharmacology

Actinobacteria: Diversity and Biotechnological Applications: New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Advances in Animal Biotechnology



100+ Management Models: How to understand and apply the world’s most powerful business tools

101 Marketing Strategies for Accounting, Law, Consulting, and Professional Services Firms

4th Party Cyber Logistics for Air Cargo


A practical guide to microstructural analysis of cementitious materials (pdf)

A Practical Guide to Welding Solutions: Overcoming Technical and Material-Specific Issues (pdf)

A Textbook of Physical Chemistry: Applications of Thermodynamics (SI Units), 4e, Volume 3 (pdf)


A Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms: Level Up Your Core Programming Skills (pdf)


A Programmer’s Guide to Computer Science: A virtual degree for the self-taught developer (pdf)

Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures (pdf)

Advanced Data Structures: Theory and Applications (pdf)


Biomedical Informatics: Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine

Brief Guidelines for Methods and Statistics in Medical Research

Clinical Trials: Study Design, Endpoints and Biomarkers, Drug Safety, and FDA and ICH Guidelines


You can find more ODF files in: