Corona test for flight Get the answer in 6 hours from Nersino and go on a trip!

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Everyone who wants to travel internationally needs a Corona test for flying . Due to the fact that going to medical centers carries the risk of various diseases, many people prefer to have a PCR test at home and get the answer in the shortest possible time. To do this, you can go to reputable medical centers.

What are the features of the corona test for flight?


It is good to know that today all experts recommend doing a corona test for flying at home. This work has many features for people, the most important of which are the following:

  • PCR testing at home reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

This test helps people avoid stress and anxiety before flying.

  • The answer to this test (if performed by reputable medical centers) will be sent quickly and stored in the applicants’ phones.
  • This test is performed by experts.

How is a corona test performed for flight?

As you know, coronary heart disease affects the lungs. For this reason, this test is performed by collecting lung and nasal mucosa. The procedure for this test is as follows:

The doctor or nurse inserts a swab into the throat and collects the throat mucus. It then inserts the swab into the nose and collects the nasal mucosa.

  • This swap is immersed in a special solution and sent to the laboratory.

How long does it take to send the answer to this test?


In general, one of the concerns of people who want to test their corona for flight is how long it takes to get a PCR test at home! If you ask reputable medical centers such as Nursino to perform a PCR test at home, the answer will be sent to your WhatsApp within 6 hours. Also, the physical version of this test will be sent to your door. For this reason, we recommend that you go to a reputable center to take this test.


Is the corona test accepted for airline flights?


If you want to take the pcr test at home, you should visit the center’s website in advance and find out which airlines accept the center’s test. Almost all reputable centers that perform corona testing for flight are approved by all airlines. However, it is recommended to make sure in this case that there are no problems for the passenger during the flight.


PCR test at home or in medical centers?


Many people worry that a home-based corona test may not be acceptable. But you should know that all centers that are approved by the Ministry of Health perform this test in accordance with health principles.

For this reason, you can take this test without any worries. This test is especially recommended for people with acute coronary symptoms. It is best for these people to get tested at home so that they do not infect other people if they have coronary heart disease. Once the corona test is positive, everyone should take action.

How do we know if the center that performs the pcr test at home is valid?

One of the main questions of those who want to take the corona test for flight is how to find reputable centers! In answer to this question, we must say that with a simple search on the Internet, you can get a complete list of reputable centers! But before you request a test from that center, you should check the center’s website and see the necessary permissions. All reputable centers have a health organization. If the center did not have valid documents, you should never receive services from it.


So far we have tried to provide you with complete information for the corona flight test and pcr test at home. As you have noticed, reputable centers perform this test at home and send the result in the shortest possible time via SMS and WhatsApp. Also, if you ask reputable centers to do this for you, you can be sure that their results are approved by different airlines. However, before requesting this test, it is recommended that you ask them to send you a list of approved airlines.

Nursino is one of the reputable centers that provides these services to applicants. Other services of this center include home doctor services, serum therapy and wound healing, physiotherapy and nursing.