Nik Avazeh Technology Development Company

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Nik Avazeh Technology Development Company (Registration Number: 559856) with an experienced and professional team of specialists  and experts in software, information technology (IT), graphics and marketing has been able to responsive  a significant part of the needs of the software market.  This company has started its professional activity since  2019.  In a short period of time since the start of the company, we have been able to achieve an acceptable position among reputable software companies by providing software solutions and developing quality and efficient software for our customers.  Development of online stores, supply of goods and services, office automation systems, mobile applications for Android and IOS platforms, desktop applications and computer games are just a few of our company’s various services to responsive the requirements  of the market.  The speed of projects in addition to maintaining  quality and efficiency and ability of our experts to use a wide range of tools and up-to-date software development technologies, has made us one of the most reliable  software companies.  A brief look at the customers we are proud to work with confirms that we are with the best.  Together with our experienced  experts, we invite you to receive advice, provide up-to-date software solutions, and work together to develop software that will help you grow, increase productivity, and improve your business.  We assure you that with us, you will have new, successful and different experiences from entering the world of information technology and working with quality and efficient software.


whatsapp: +1 (289) 378-7937