Halal restaurants in Vancouver

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Haida Sandwich

Haida Sandwich is a Persian sandwich place in Vancouver that serves exclusively Halal food. The place is known for great customer service and high-quality food, and rightly so. Haida has a very friendly and respectful staff that genuinely care about the customers. They have lots of amazing options on their menu. Their sandwiches are unlike anything you have seen. They come in huge portions and are jam-packed with fresh meat and veggies. The price is great compared to the quality and quantity of the sandwiches. Their Mexican corn is unbelievable and a must-have. Haida special is another item that many orders and has both chicken and beef and tastes amazing. They offer pizzas with different kinds of topping that are again, loaded with high-quality ingredients. Haida Sandwich is a great place in Vancouver to have a Halal meal that will be worth every penny.

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Haida Catering

Haida catering has been providing great catering services in Vancouver and is a top-tier catering venue that serves Halal food. They are professionals in terms of delivering you your food as fresh and as fast as possible. They provide different types of catering services and the quality of the service is always great. Their prices are very affordable and their special offers make them even more cost-efficient. They have a very varied menu, but their sandwiches are their most popular options. The pizza sandwich is a popular item that you have to try. Haida Catering will not disappoint if you need catering services in Vancouver with Halal food.

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Anatolia Express

Anatolia Express is a cozy Turkish restaurant in Vancouver that offers Halal food. The place has a great view of the ocean and is absolutely lovely for a peaceful meal. Their menu is varied and gives you lots of options. Their lamb burger though is what we recommend the most. It is two juicy and flavorful patties between crispy buns and tastes amazing. Their Beef Iskandar is also very popular and the rice they serve is the best you can find in the area – perfect in texture and flavor. The Service in Anatolia Express is quick and efficient and their portions are large. Anatolia Express would be a great Halal place to try in Vancouver and we highly recommend it.

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Siddhartha’s Indian Kitchen

Siddhartha’s is a top-tier Indian place in Vancouver and a great spot for having Halal food. The place has beautifully decorated tables that really stand out. The food comes out equally gorgeous as well. Even if you order takeout, you will get a visually appetizing food. The tastes of the dishes are great, too. The butter chicken bowl may be the best one you could find all over Vancouver. The Rogan josh is another item that is popular and never disappoints. Siddhartha’s has quick service and very polite and attentive staff and is run very cleanly. We highly recommend this place for a Halal meal in Vancouver, especially if you want to have an incredible family gathering.

Sofra Mediterranean Kitchen

Sofra is a popular Halal place in Vancouver that has lots of regulars among locals. The place has a very friendly atmosphere and the staff is kind and professional. Their food comes in reasonable portions and has very good prices. Their food is incredibly fresh and tasty. Customers rave about their ground beef’s pida and amazing hummus. Their combo plates are very popular since they are very cost-efficient and tasty. Delicious crispy fries are also included in all of their platters. Sofra has gained the trust of all Halal- and non-Halal eaters in Vancouver and would be a great place to try out.


Al-Basha is a middle-eastern restaurant with Halal food in Vancouver that has gained the trust of the locals. The place has fresh, tasty food and cares a lot about good customer service. They have fast service and the staff there is very friendly. Their dishes are priced really fairly in comparison to their portions. The Al Basha plate could be a very delicious choice. Their chicken shwarma is famous in the area and very popular and their falafel is huge and wrapped with soft, fresh naan. The place also has Gluten-free and dairy-free options. Al-Basha has continually provided great service to locals and there is no doubt that you would not be disappointed if you gave it a try for some delicious Halal food in Vancouver.

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