12 tempting reasons to travel to Doha

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Doha is becoming an ideal and metropolitan city with cultural richness and many tourist attractions.

Doha is the capital of the richest country in the world, Qatar. In recent years, the city has grown rapidly and successfully attracted tourists to become a serious competitor to Dubai and has established itself as one of the best tourist destinations of Middle East in the world.

If you are planning for your vacation and if you want to have an exciting trip, do a lot of fun and visit different places, pack your bags to Doha. Magnificent architectural structures, excellent restaurants, great shops and shopping malls, etc. will meet all your expectations as a tourist.

Doha tour is one of the most famous tours that attract a lot of tourists every year. In this article, we will introduce 12 reasons to travel to Doha, a trip that you will definitely not forget for a lifetime.

Qatar Pearl Artificial Island

The artificial pearl island of the Persian Gulf is located on the shores of Doha city and at the mouth of the western Gulf lagoon of this city. This man-made artificial island is in the shape of a pearl and there are many very modern and expensive houses and villas next to hotels and accommodation centers, and shopping malls and promenades and entertainment centers. The island is very beautiful and you can enjoy its beautiful and unique scenery by shopping in its numerous shopping malls as well as eating in one of its restaurants.

The Ancient Souq Waqif Bazaar

In the center of the modern city of Doha, there is a traditional bazaar that reflects the culture and tradition of these people and its name is Souq Waqif, which means standing market in Arabic. This old bazaar has a history of about 250 years and like many other old and traditional bazaars in the Middle East has numerous and winding rows in which all kinds of shops are selling their goods and also there are many different restaurants in this bazaar which offer international foods. In this market you can find Italian, Yemeni, Syrian, Thai, and…

Almaha Sanctuary and wildlife Park

The Arabian gazelle is known as the symbol of Qatar, and the only place you have the chance to see this animal is the Almaha Wildlife Sanctuary. Here you will have the chance to see a number of unique endangered species, such as the Arabian gazelle, the mountain goat and the deer. Another interesting thing about this sanctuary and wildlife park is that for the first time among all the countries in the region, zoologists were able to artificially reproduce the Arabian gazelle in captivity. In this desert area, there is a very modern and beautiful accommodation, where you can have a different experience of being in the heart of the desert.


Historical monuments and culture of Doha

The ancient culture and history of the city of Doha has been able to find its way in the process of modernization and development of the city and throughout the history of the city, from the time when it was only a defensive fortress until today, this culture in the corners of the city Has appeared. Among the historical and ancient monuments of Doha, we can mention the historical area of ​​Al-Jasasiyah, the historical city of Al-Zabara, Al-Wakra, Al-Wajba Castle and the historical village of Katara. During your trip to Doha, you can see the original and ancient culture of these people in Doha Castle, where numerous centers for the production of desert Arab handicrafts and wooden decorations are presented.

Shopping experience in Doha stores

If you are looking for great shopping malls in the Persian Gulf region, the only option is not the city of Dubai, and the large and excellent shopping malls of the city of Doha are not less than the examples available in the United Arab Emirates. In fact, the city of Doha, with its very modern, beautiful and large shopping malls, is known as a factor of pride in Qatar. In this city, you can simultaneously go to the most modern markets in the world or visit the traditional oriental markets. The variety of these shopping centers is so great that you will have trouble choosing how to spend a full day and it is very difficult to choose from dozens of shopping centers in this city. In Doha, for example, there is a special shopping mall with an Italian atmosphere that uses Italian architecture and the style of shops and the culture of this country.

Sea cruise with traditional boats and visit the Corniche area

You may not be able to see the sights of the city or do some entertainment on your trip to Doha for any reason, but our strong advice to you when traveling to Doha is to take the opportunity to board a traditional boat called a naval device or Do not miss Dhow. With the help of these traditional yachts, you can tour the Cornish area and see the beautiful view of Doha city with its skyscrapers and special architectural style. You can also walk along the beaches of the Corniche region and watch the beautiful view of the Persian Gulf and the sunrise and sunset in it.

Desert surfing

Without a doubt, the most complete desert surfing experience or “The Desert Safari” is possible only in Doha. In this city you can go to the heart of the desert with tours that are done with the help of special jeeps with two differentialsand spend the night in the desert tents. Driving in the beautiful and enchanting sand dunes and deserts of this region is very exciting and is definitely one of the unique and unrepeatable programs of every tourist. This entertainment program in Doha can not be compared with any other.

Excitement and adventure

In Doha you can experience many exciting activities such as camel riding, water sports, fishing, horseback riding, swimming and relaxing on the beautiful sandy beaches and playing golf. Another attraction of Doha is watching the Qatar Stars League football matches and the unique way of encouraging spectators using large drums.

Experience nightlife in Doha

As the weather gets darker and the sun sets, nightlife begins in Doha. This time is the best option for tourists who want to have new experiences in Doha, meet other people and enjoy the environment of restaurants, cafes and clubs in this city. The nightlife in Doha is very exciting and fascinating.

Relax in Aspire Park

Aspire Park or “Aspire Garden” is a beautiful park in Dojeh, which without doubt is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. On weekends and holidays, many families come to this park and spend their day in a green and beautiful environment. The park also has a large 300-meter-high torch tower that lit the torch of the 15th Asian Games hosted by Doha. Today, the tower has changed its use and is used as a hotel.

Visit the historic village of Katara

The historic village of Katara, also known as the Valley of Cultures, is located on the east coast of the artificial pearl island of the Persian Gulf and the west coast of Doha. In this historical village, the traditional architecture and lifestyle of the region are preserved and also various shows are performed in its hall. If you are a fan of culture, art and music visiting this historic village can be very valuable for you.

Amphibious octopus hotel and resort

The 2022 World Cup is to be hosted by Qatar and for this reason special constructions have been done in this city. You will visit the amphibious octopus resort, which is a floating hotel on the sea. Also you can travel to the future and can be familiar with the future modern technologies. If you have no motivation to travel to Doha, visiting this amazing hotel can be enough to pack your bags for Doha. The design of this hotel is similar to a very large octopus; this structure is designed to be floating and has underwater rooms.