On Sunday, May 15, four of our MA students were celebrated in Columbia’s May 2016 graduation:

  • Emily Taplin Boyd (degree conferred in October). Thesis: “From Donation to Vocation: Performance, Metadrama and Modeling in the Colloquy of Aelfric.” Thesis Advisor: Patricia Dailey.
  • Emily Calkins-Reed (degree conferred in May). Thesis: “Individual Privilege and the Fori regni Valentiae in the Reign of Jaume I.” Thesis Advisor: Adam Kosto.
  • Giulia Chiostrini (degree conferred in May). Thesis: “The Power of the Cloth: A Visual Experience; From a Distant View to a Close Examination.” Thesis Advisor: Diane Bodart.
  • Michael Merriam (degree conferred in October). Thesis: “Dark Speaking: Children and the Riddle of Translation.” Thesis Advisor: Patricia Dailey.

Congratulations, graduates!

IMG_5009 IMG_5008 IMG_5018

Giulia Chiostrini at the MA graduation ceremony.