Art History & Archaeology

The Craft of Ivory
GU4583 001
Avinoam Shalem

GR8336 001
David Freedberg

Ink Painting of Medieval Japan
GR8611 001
Matthew McKelway


Medieval Latin Literature: Poetry
GU4152 001
Carmela Franklin

English & Comparative Literature

Vernacular Paleography
GU4015 001
Christopher Baswell

Renaissance Literature & Sexuality
GU4104 001
Julie Crawford

16th Century Poetry
GU4209 001
Molly Murray

Early Caribbean Literature
GU4601 001
Cristobal Silva

Advanced Old English
GU4790 001
Patricia Dailey

English Renaissance Drama
GR6135 001
Alan Stewart


Eloquent Animals in Medieval Literature
GU4418 001
Eliza Zingesser

Pascal: Hermeneutics & Rhetoric
GR8417 001
Pierre Force


Crime and Punishment in the Middle Ages
GU4083 001
Neslihan Senocak

French America 1534-1804
GU4110 001
Pierre Force

History of Christianity: World of the First Crusade
84370 001 (also Religion GU4370)
Robert Somerville

Graduate Seminar: Religious Conversions in the Early Modern
GR6999 002
Elisheva Carlebach

Graduate Seminar: History of the Self, Montaigne
GR6999 004
Mark Lilla

Graduate Seminar: Topics in Ottoman History, 1300-1700
GR6999 016
Tunc Sen

Early Modern South Asia
GR8011 001
Manan Ahmed

Medieval Societies & Institutions I
GR8067 001
Adam Kosto


Italian History, Italian Stories: Manzoni, Sciascia, and Microhistory
GU4019 001
Pier Mattia Tommasino

Castiglione and the Italian Renaissance
GU4086 001
Jo Ann Cavallo

Medieval & Renaissance Studies (MA Program Only)

Medieval & Renaissance Philology
GR6021 001
Adam Kosto

Medieval & Renaissance Philology
GR6021 002
Adam Kosto

Directed Individual Readings
GR6990 001
Adam Kosto

MA Thesis
GR6999 001
Adam Kosto


Seminar in Historical Musicology: Middle Ages
GR8102 001
Susan Boynton


Topics in Early Modern Philosophy
GU4900 001
Christia Mercer


History of Christianity: World of the First Crusade
GU4370 (also History 84370)
Robert Somerville

Food and Sex in Premodern Chinese Buddhism
GU4526 001
Robban Toleno

Readings in Japanese Religion
GR9300 001
Michael Como, David Moerman