Art History & Archaeology

18th Century Art in Europe
UN2412 001
Frederique Baumgartner, Meredith Gamer

Life of a Cathedral: Notre-Dame
UN3217 001
Stephen Murray

The Craft of Ivory
GU4583 001
Avinoam Shalem


Medieval Latin Literature: Poetry
GU4152 001
Carmela Franklin

English @ Barnard

The Canterbury Tales
BC3155 001
Christopher Baswell

Shakespeare I
BC3163 001
Rachel Eisendrath

17th Century Prose & Poetry
BC3166 001
Achsah Guibbory

English & Comparative Literature

Shakespeare II
UN3336 001
Jean Howard

Early African-American Voices
GU4201 001
Cristobal Silva


Eloquent Animals in Medieval Literature
GU4418 001
Eliza Zingesser


Colonial Cities of the Americas
W2689 001
Gergely Baics, Caterina Pizzigoni

Religious Conversion in Historical Perspective
UN3180 001
Elisheva Carlebach

Topics in Ottoman History, 1300-1700
UN3708 001
Tunc Sen

Jews and the City
UN3604 001
Rebecca Kobrin

Crime and Punishment in the Middle Ages
GU4083 001
Neslihan Senocak

French America 1534-1804
GU4110 001
Pierre Force


Castiglione and the Italian Renaissance
GU4086 001
Jo Ann Cavallo

Latin American & Iberian Cultures

Empire & Technology in the Colonial World
BC3455 001
Orlando Bentancor


Topics in Early Modern Philosophy
GU4900 001
Christia Mercer