COVID-19 Interviews: Jeffrey Shaman

Washington Post

Feb 22: Coronavirus outbreak edges closer to pandemic status
Mar 03: How bad will the coronavirus outbreak get in the U.S.?
Mar 11: Coronavirus may have a seasonal cycle, but that doesn’t mean it will go away this summer, experts warn
Mar 12: Norwegian Cruise Line managers urged salespeople to spread falsehoods about coronavirus
Mar 22: ¿Cuántos casos de coronavirus hay realmente en México?
Mar 26: Warm, humid weather could slow coronavirus, new research finds
Apr 02: Experts and Trump’s advisers doubt White House’s 240,000 coronavirus deaths estimate
Apr 08: As social distancing shows signs of working, what’s next? Crush the curve, experts say.
Apr 22: States rushing to reopen are likely making a deadly error, coronavirus models and experts warn
Apr 24: White House promotes new lab results suggesting heat and sunlight slow coronavirus
Apr 25: Reopening of America accelerates as states prepare to relax coronavirus restrictions
Apr 26: Warily, U.S. cracks doors open
Apr 28: Antibody tests support what’s been obvious: Covid-19 is much more lethal than the flu
Apr 29: Baseball is returning in South Korea — just without fans, high-fives or spitting
May 01: Sports leagues really want to play games again. They just can’t figure out how.
May 04: Trump cheers on governors even as they ignore White House coronavirus guidelines in race to reopen
May 04: Draft report predicts covid-19 cases will reach 200,000 a day by June 1
May 14: Disease modelers are warning us about reopening the country. Here’s why we should listen.
May 21: Social distancing a week earlier could have saved 36,000 American lives, study says
May 26: ‘Tell me what to do! Please!’: Even experts struggle with coronavirus unknowns
May 28: Researchers ponder why covid appears more deadly in the U.S. and Europe than in Asia
Jun 14: Spate of new research supports wearing masks to control coronavirus spread
Jun 16: Children are only half as likely to get infected with the coronavirus, study finds
Jul 09: With coronavirus science still iffy, U.S. schools hope to reopen for 56.6 million K-12 students
Aug 24: In the Brazilian Amazon, a sharp drop in coronavirus sparks questions over collective immunity
Sep 04: Experts warn U.S. Covid-19 deaths could more than double by year’s end
Sep 05: Experts Project Autumn Surge in Coronavirus Cases, with a Peak After Election Day
Sep 15: New York City’s shutdown reduced spread of coronavirus by 70 percent, study finds
Sep 23: Rising coronavirus case numbers in many states spur warning of autumn surge

NY Times

Mar 16: Coronavirus Is Hiding in Plain Sight
Mar 16: Gatherings Should Be Limited to 10 People, Trump Says
Mar 17: How Long Will Coronavirus Live on Surfaces or in the Air Around You?
Mar 20: Coronavirus Could Overwhelm U.S. Without Urgent Action, Estimates Say
Mar 22: How the Virus Got Out
Mar 26: Japan’s Virus Success Has Puzzled the World. Is Its Luck Running Out?
Mar 31: Infected but Feeling Fine: The Unwitting Coronavirus Spreaders
Apr 03: Tensions Persist Between Trump and Medical Advisers Over the Coronavirus
Apr 08: Optimism Is Less Distant as Global Coronavirus Battle Rages On
Apr 14: California Set the Tone on Coronavirus Shutdowns. What’s Its Next Move?
Apr 22: What 5 Coronavirus Models Say the Next Month Will Look Like
May 05: New Studies Add to Evidence that Children May Transmit the Coronavirus
May 16: Coronavirus Cases Slow in U.S., but the Big Picture Remains Tenuous
May 20: Lockdown Delays Cost at Least 36,000 Lives, Data Show
May 21: Inaction That Cost Lives
May 21: Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today
Jun 07: A Delicate Balance: Weighing Protest Against the Risks of the Coronavirus
Jun 24: How the Virus Won
Jun 27: How the World Missed Covid-19’s Silent Spreaders
Jul 11: Fact-Checking Biden on the Coronavirus and His Own Record
Jul 18: Older Children Spread the Coronavirus Just as Much as Adults, Large Study Finds
Jul 23: Movie Theaters Implore Studios: Release the Blockbusters
Aug 17: What if ‘Herd Immunity’ Is Closer Than Scientists Thought?
Aug 24: First Documented Coronavirus Reinfection Reported in Hong Kong
Sep 12: How Did the ‘Best-Prepared Country’ Become a Horror Story?
Sep 23: 100 N.Y.C. School Buildings Have Already Reported a Positive Case

LA Times

Mar 17: How ‘silent spreaders’ are fueling the coronavirus pandemic
Jun 13: Hollywood reopening: New rules for productions amid COVID-19

Wall Street Journal

Mar 16: Coronavirus Closes School for Nearly 30 Million Children in US
Mar 22: Why It’s So Difficult to Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus
Apr 18: New York City’s Coronavirus Deaths Match Demographics in Other Hot Spots
Jun 23: As Coronavirus Slows, New York City Health Officials Watch Hot Spots
Sep 11: In Worst-Hit Covid State, New York’s Cuomo Called All the Shots


Feb 05: Does The New Coronavirus Spread Silently?
Mar 21: Coronavirus Deaths Spike Abroad As New York City Becomes U.S. Virus Epicenter
Mar 21: ‘Silent Spreaders’ Speed Coronavirus Transmission
Mar 24: To End The Coronavirus Crisis We Need Widespread Testing, Experts Say
Mar 25: Experts Warn Coronavirus Testing Must Be Far Broader To Quell U.S. Epidemic
Mar 27: Mystery In Wuhan: Recovered Coronavirus Patients Test Negative … Then Positive
Apr 01: Coronavirus Quarantine FAQ
Apr 08: How Scientists Create Models For Disease, And What The Latest Ones Say
May 07: Will Antibodies after COVID-19 Illness Prevent Reinfection
May 18: Trump Wants A Fight With Obama. Here’s Why He Might ‘Be Careful’ What He Wishes For
May 21: News Brief: Lockdown Study, U.S. COVID-19 Hot Spots, Syrian War Crimes Trial
May 21: Optimism For A Vaccine; Strapped Unemployment Offices Leave Many Waiting
May 27: ‘We All Feel At Risk’: 100,000 People Dead From COVID-19 In The U.S.
Jun 10: U.S. Hits 2 Million Coronavirus Cases As Many States See A Surge Of Patients
Jun 17: Which Masks Are Better; The Rich Aren’t Spending (And That’s Hurting The Economy)
Jun 21: Yes, Wearing Masks Helps. Here’s Why
Jul 23: Herd Immunity Response To COVID-19 Pandemic Can Be Problematic
Aug 3: As Pandemic Widens, How Did We Get To This Point?

Buzzfeed News

Mar 03: AM2DM
Mar 17: People Who Haven’t Been Officially Diagnosed With The Coronavirus Are Fueling The Pandemic, Study Says
Apr 02: “Silent Carriers” Are Helping Spread The Coronavirus. Here’s What We Know About Them


Mar 16: Coronavirus Was Able To Spread So Fast Because Of ‘Stealth Transmissions,’ Study Finds
Mar 21: U.S. Coronavirus Update: Death Toll Hits 260, Shortage Of Tests In Los Angeles And Americans Evacuated From Honduras
Mar 21: Coronavirus Could Infect 650,000 People In The U.S. By May, Even If Transmission Is Cut In Half: Study
Apr 21: Why The Covid-19 Death Forecasts Are Wrong


Apr 18: Why it’s so hard to see into the future of Covid-19
May 09: 4 reasons state plans to open up may backfire — and soon
May 10: Actual unemployment could be at peak Great Depression levels, say White House advisers
Aug 05: It’s like we’re flying blind”: The US has a Covid-19 data problem

NY Mag

Mar 26: Why Was It So Hard to Raise the Alarm on the Coronavirus?

US News

Mar 17: Undetected Cases May Be Driving Coronavirus Spread, Study Finds
Mar 24: The Other Side of COVID-19: Milder Cases, Healthy Recovery
May 04: Can Survivors Get Reinfected With Coronavirus?
May 16: House Passes $3 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Package
May 18: Most U.S. States Reopening as Coronavirus Cases Decline
May 29: Is COVID-19 ‘One and Done?’ Experts Ponder Odds for Reinfection


Apr 20: New York could possibly ease social distancing in beginning of June, model projects


Mar 01: There’s not going to be a coronavirus shutdown — yet
Jun 20: Reopening schools is a coronavirus wildcard
Sep 15: Washington gridlock could make the pandemic much worse

Vice News

Mar 06: The Comic Con at the Epicenter of the U.S. Coronavirus Outbreak Finally Got Canceled


Apr 24: How overly optimistic modeling distorted Trump team’s coronavirus response
Apr 27:  We’re not ready to reopen America
May 21: New poll: 61 percent of Republicans want nonessential businesses opened
Jun 16: What Colorado is getting right about reopening
Jun 25: Why Trump’s focus on falling death rates could be dangerous
Jul 07: How the White House can build public trust and end the coronavirus crisis
Aug 21: How the virus spent the convention


Apr 27: Tucker Carlson says coronavirus isn’t as deadly as we thought. Experts disagree
May 13: Trump’s comparison of COVID-19 deaths in Germany, US is wrong

Scientific American

Mar 23: COVID-19: How and Why the Virus Spreads Quickly
Jun 04: Coronavirus and the Flu: A Looming Double Threat

New Yorker

Mar 27: From Bats to Human Lungs, the Evolution of a Coronavirus
Apr 26: Seattle’s Leaders Let Scientists Take the Lead. New York’s Did Not
May 08: When Will It Be Safe to End Coronavirus Lockdowns?

Chicago Tribune

Mar 31: As many as 1 in 4 people with coronavirus may not show symptoms, the CDC director warns

Tampa Bay Times

May 10: How Florida slowed coronavirus: Everyone stayed home before they were told to
Jun 26: Florida’s coronavirus spike: 5 things to know
Jul 22: Is Florida a coronavirus ‘epicenter?’ How to interpret the numbers amid an outbreak.

Philadelphia Inquirer

May 10: How long immunity lasts after a coronavirus infection and what that means for vaccines

Outside the Beltway

Apr 23: Some States Reopening Too Soon


Mar 27: Fact or fiction: Warmer weather slows down the coronavirus

The Hindu

Mar 17: Coronavirus | Undetected cases drive spread in community, say researchers

Associated Press

Mar 13: Trump scrambles to broaden coronavirus testing options
Mar 27: Not all or nothing: Anti-virus lockdowns could lift slowly
Aug 25: New US virus cases fall as masks gain favor but testing lags
Aug 31: A Zoom Thanksgiving? Summer could give way to a bleaker fall


Mar 19: How long will Americans be fighting the coronavirus?
Apr 02: Symptoms are subjective: what research on China says about coronavirus carriers
Jul 17: How does COVID-19 affect kids? Science has answers and gaps
Jul 29: How much coronavirus is there in Australia that we don’t know about?

NBC News

May 10: Meet the Press

MSNBC (Morning Joe)

Mar 18: 5 to 10 undetected cases for every confirmed case, says study

MSNBC (Rachel Maddow)

May 21: Study finds early intervention key to blocking coronavirus spread

Daily Beast

Mar 30: Silent Coronavirus Spreaders Could Unleash Second Wave of Disaster
Apr 08: The Terrifying Story of an Unwitting Potential ‘Super-Spreader’ in Chicago
Jul 18: America Is on Track for a Million Coronavirus Cases a Day, and at Least 800,000 Deaths, by the End of 2020
Sep 10: Trump ‘Has Blood on His Hands’ for Downplaying Coronavirus Threat, Health Experts Say

Daily Mail

Apr 07: CDC director says coronavirus death toll could be ‘much, much LOWER’ than the White House prediction of up to 240,000 if Americans keep social distancing
Apr 08: Chicago man with mild symptoms may have been a coronavirus ‘super-spreader’ triggering an outbreak that killed three people by going to a funeral, a birthday party and a three-hour dinner

Daily Express

Mar 17: Coronavirus panic: The terrifying threat of UNDETECTED victims spreading killer virus


Mar 16: Scientists find that up to 86 percent of coronavirus infections go undetected

Mercury News

Mar 17: Coronavirus: Infected people without symptoms are driving epidemic’s fast spread, says new study

Apr 13: When will we get back to normal? Here’s the way out of coronavirus quarantine in N.J.
Apr 29: Did Gov. Murphy wait too long to shut down N.J. as coronavirus spread worsened?
Jul 27: Does N.J. have any hope of getting back to normal in 2020? Here’s what coronavirus experts say.

Boston Globe

Mar 17: Mass. official coronavirus count is 218, but experts say true number could be as high as 6,500: Vast under-reporting obscures risks, leads to people unknowingly spreading virus
Apr 16: As Trump lays out reopening plans, governors fear a second coronavirus disaster


Apr 12: Computer models are front and center in coronavirus era
Apr 30: Blood tests for COVID-19 antibodies ramping up with reopening plans
Apr 30: Drop in Long Island hospitalizations speeds up
May 31: Coronavirus on Long Island: Updates for May 29-31
Jun 02: Experts eye the prospect of a summer surge
Jun 02: Experts consult models to predict if coronavirus cases will spike


Apr 02: What We Need to Understand About Asymptomatic Carriers if We’re Going to Beat Coronavirus

National Post

Mar 19: How COVID-19 ‘silent spreaders’ walk among us and can make an outbreak explode


Feb 23: Monitoring Covid-19, harvests and space junk


Apr 03: The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
Apr 08: The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
Apr 08: Top public health official says number of dead could be lower as Americans practice social distancing
Apr 10: The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer
Apr 17: America’s ‘new normal’ will be anything but ordinary
Apr 27: Trump is driving Birx to a tough spot. It’s about to get even tougher
May 01: The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer
May 21: If US had started social distancing a week earlier…
May 27: The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer
May 28: They didn’t all have to die — a moment of reflection as US Covid deaths reach 100,000
Jul 06: The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer


Feb 25: China’s health care system under pressure as coronavirus continues to spread


Apr 02: Will COVID-19 become a seasonal disease like the flu? It’s too early to tell, experts say
Apr 17: Are dead bodies contagious? Your COVID-19 questions answered
May 04: FDA Turns Its Attention To Companies Claiming To Have Legitimate Coronavirus Antibody Tests


Mar 09: Can you catch the coronavirus from handling cash?
Mar 18: Will the coronavirus outbreak die off in summer? An expert weighs in

CBS Miami

May 03: Gov. Ron DeSantis: Elective Procedures Returning As Part Of Phase 1 Reopening Florida

Citizen Times

May 02: Boyle column: We’ve all got pandemic fatigue, but let’s not rush the reopening

Apr 18: It’s hard to count coronavirus deaths accurately. But here’s why experts say it’s important
Apr 24: Coronavirus has killed more than Hurricane Katrina — but there’s reason for hope
Apr 25: Studies suggest larger slice of population has had coronavirus; what that means for Louisiana
Apr 27: Here’s why these 13 Louisiana parishes have some of the highest coronavirus death rates in the U.S.
Jun 13: Though coronavirus deaths haven’t ceased, Louisiana isn’t Ground Zero for COVID anymore
Jun 27: With Louisiana nowhere near herd immunity, second coronavirus wave could be devastating

City Lab

Apr 23: To Combat Coronavirus, Scientists Are Also Breaking Down Barriers


Mar 24: How Does The Coronavirus Spread So Easily? Many People Don’t Know They Have It
Mar 24: Sen. Jeanne Shaheen Discusses Coronavirus; Asymptomatic Carriers Of COVID-19
Apr 29: Researchers Built Various Models To Predict Pandemic Shifts. Right Now, They Show ‘A Tremendous Amount Of Uncertainty’
May 07: Before Seeing Mom on Mother’s Day, Doctor Says to Assess Risk
May 21: U.S. Could Have Saved Thousands Of Lives If Lockdown Started Earlier, Study Finds
May 21: Dr. Sanjay Gupta On The Battle Against Coronavirus: ‘We Will Get Through It’
Jun 17: A Growing Body Of Research Highlights The Importance Of Wearing Face Masks
Jul 20: New Study Shows Kids Over 10 Years Old Spread COVID-19 As Much As Adults Do


Mar 25: What Scientists Know (So Far) About How Covid-19 Spreads
Mar 30: Asymptomatic Coronavirus Carriers: How Contagious Are They?
May 28: Why New York Suffered When Other Cities Were Spared by Covid-19
Sep 15: New York City Prepares for a Second Wave, With a Chance to Blunt the Worst

Live Science

Mar 17: COVID-19 spread is fueled by ‘stealth transmission’
Apr 04: COVID-19 may spread through breathing and talking — but we don’t know how much 

Science Daily

Mar 16: ‘Stealth transmission’ fuels fast spread of coronavirus outbreak

Science Friday

May 01: Navigating COVID-19 By The Numbers

Science Mag

May 12: Artificial intelligence systems aim to sniff out signs of COVID-19 outbreaks


Mar 18: How Many People in the United States Actually Have COVID-19?
Jun 17: The Consequences of Reopening Are Here: COVID-19 Cases on the Rise
Jul 08: Why the Black Lives Matter Protests Didn’t Contribute to the COVID-19 Surge
Sep 13: Why COVID-19 Cases in Europe Are Surging Back to March Levels — What This Means for the U.S.

The Hill

Apr 23: The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Facebook – House set to pass $483B COVID bill; Lawmakers jockey over next package

China Global TV

Mar 24: COVID-19 Frontline Ep. 8: What measures proved the most effective?

China Daily

Mar 13: US study shows lack of symptoms aids spread
Mar 13: US study: A lack of symptoms aids virus’ spread

Weather Channel

Mar 13: Coronavirus and the Seasons: What We Know and Don’t Know
Mar 19: Undetected Cases Caused Coronavirus to Spread Faster in China: Study
Jun 11: Coronavirus Updates: U.S. Infections Top 2 Million as Cases Continue to Climb in Several States


Mar 03: How bad will the coronavirus outbreak get in the U.S.?


Apr 20: Here’s Why the Coronavirus Death Rate Models Are Changing—And Why It Doesn’t Mean We Overreacted

The Cut

May 04: When Will the Stay-at-Home Orders End?
Jun 09: WHO Clarifies Comments on Asymptomatic Spread of Coronavirus

On Cuba News

Mar 20: Scientists in the United States are wondering how long the fight against coronavirus will last

Mountain Times

Apr 08: Confirmed cases of coronavirus jump, but positive indicators emerge

Chemistry Views

Mar 18: Unrecognized Infection Could Play Major Role in Spread of COVID-19


Mar 29: COVID-19 projections cause capacity concern as regional hospitals brace for impact

Worcester Business Journal

Mar 23: Columbia study says Worcester County best-case scenario is 20K coronavirus cases


Mar 26: Hartford/Tolland County’s Best-Case Scenario For Coronavirus

Mass Live

Mar 28: Coronavirus: Massachusetts’ worst-case scenario includes hospitals implementing do-not-resuscitate orders if system is overwhelmed

Pioneer Press

Mar 17: Photos and video: Day 1 of the Bay Area’s 7-county coronavirus lockdown

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Apr 02: Can Georgia’s heat help fight COVID-19?
May 06: Coronavirus cases, deaths projected to rise as Georgia reopens


May 07: 100 Days Into COVID-19, Where Do We Stand?
Aug 10: Can We Prevent the Next 5 Million COVID Cases?

Chattanooga Times Free Press

May 12: Risk of reopening US economy too fast: A W-shaped recovery


May 13: S47 E9: Decoding COVID-19

PBS News Hour

May 21: New COVID-19 model shows why early action matters

Business Insider

May 17: Children can spread the coronavirus like anyone else — but there’s still a lot to learn about how infectious they are


May 20: What happens to the coronavirus when it gets warmer?

Military Times

May 19: Pentagon memo contradicts Esper’s year-end coronavirus vaccine goal, per report


May 19: It’s been 3 weeks since Georgia, Texas reopened, here’s where they stand

New York Daily News

May 10: Pandemic doctor predicts coronavirus will spike, blames Trump for wasting weeks of lockdown
May 20: Earlier coronavirus lockdown could have saved 54,000 lives: study
Sep 15: Lockdown reduced coronavirus in NYC by 70%: study

Fiscal Times

May 21: The Republican Clash Over Coronavirus Aid

Beaumont Enterprise

May 22: National coronavirus updates: Nearly 39 million have filed for unemployment since virus hit

VOA News

May 21: Delayed US COVID Reaction Cost Lives, New Study Finds

Daily Local News

May 21: Researcher: Had US acted sooner, thousands may have been spared

USA Today

May 21: Coronavirus live updates: President Trump doesn’t wear mask on part of trip to Michigan; Universal Orlando wants to reopen by June 1
Jun 11: Why are states seeing a sudden increase in coronavirus cases? Experts have more than one answer
Jun 13: Did protests fuel COVID-19 cases? Are we already in a second wave? Your coronavirus questions, answered
Jul 29: What went wrong during the Northeast’s first COVID-19 spike, and is the region ready for another?

Daily Jeff

May 21: Coronavirus live updates: CDC chief issues stark warning on possible second wave and more lockdowns as global cases top 5 million

Seattle Times

May 21: Coronavirus daily news updates, May 21: What to know today about COVID-19 in the Seattle area, Washington state and the nation


May 24: Trump Attacks Columbia University For Study Showing Inaction Caused More Death: ‘Liberal, Disgraceful Institution’


May 22: HD Live!: How Big is the Risk of COVID-19 Reinfection after Recovery?
Jun 17:  HealthDay Reports: Risk for COVID-19 Reinfection Remains Unknown

Government Technology

May 29: Coronavirus: Why New York Was Hit Harder Than Other Cities


Jun 02: AMPTP, SAG-AFTRA, DGA, MPA Weigh In On Industry White Paper Protocols For Safe Return To Work – Update
Jun 23: Testing Emerges As A Main Hurdle To Production Restart Amid Pandemic

United Press International

May 30: Researchers unsure about COVID-19 reinfection

Jun 09: China Didn’t Stop Virus ‘Cold’ Outside Wuhan

Tech Times

Jun 09: COVID-19: Asymptomatic Spread Of Coronavirus ‘Very Rare,’ Health Expert Said

Advisory Board

May 26: Can children spread the new coronavirus? Here’s what research says.
Jun 11: Map: America’s 2M+ coronavirus cases
Jun 12: Are states’ reopenings to blame for new coronavirus spikes? Experts are split.
Jun 16: Just how effective are masks at stopping coronavirus? Here’s what new research says.
Jun 19: Why some Americans won’t wear face masks, in their own words
Aug 25: A 33-year-old man caught the new coronavirus—twice. What does that mean for immunity?

Miami Herald

Jun 11: The US now has 2 million confirmed coronavirus cases. Some states are reporting surges
Aug 14: COVID-19 live updates: Here’s what to know in South Florida on August 14


Jun 11: ​U.S. Coronavirus Cases Top 2 Million as All 50 States Start Reopening

Pop Culture

Jun 12: White House Remains Silent After Coronavirus Cases Spike Across US, Totaling 2M Cases

Hoptown Chronicle

Jun 15: As masks become controversial, evidence mounts that they work to curb spread of coronavirus


Jun 17: It Doesn’t Look Like the Protests Are Causing a COVID-19 Spike


Jun 18: If the Virus Slows This Summer, It May Be Time to Worry

Now This

May 22: Earlier Lockdowns Could Have Saved 54,000 U.S. Lives, New Study Says

Baltimore Sun

Jun 24: Zirpoli: The Power of the Mask


Jun 25: The School Reopeners Think America Is Forgetting About Kids


Jun 25: A Virus Study You’ve Never Heard of Helped Us Understand COVID-19
Jul 23: What Scientists Know About How Children Spread COVID-19

The News & Observer

Jun 25: Reported coronavirus cases, hospitalizations in NC show slight decrease

National Geographic

Jun 26: Here’s how to stop the virus from winning
Aug 26: ‘Everything has changed’: How hurricane preparations are adapting to a deadly pandemic

Quanta Magazine

Jun 30: The Tricky Math of Herd Immunity for COVID-19

The Scientist

Jun 30: Study Identifies Abnormal Surge of Flu-like Illnesses in March


Jul 1: COVID-19 Fatality Risk Is Double Earlier Estimates: Study


Jul 09: Trump’s Tulsa rally was ‘likely’ source of surge of coronavirus cases, health official says


Jul 07: Fact Check: Dan Forest Says Masks ‘Never’ Work For Coronaviruses


Jul 11: Could high humidity slow the spread of COVID-19?


Mar 16: Lower death rate estimates for coronavirus, especially for non-elderly, provide glimmer of hope
Mar 25: When can we let up? Health experts craft strategies to safely relax coronavirus lockdowns
Jul 15: The U.S. is the accidental Sweden, which could make the fall ‘catastrophic’ for Covid-19


Jul 14: Could COVID-19 Have Seasons? Searching for Signals in Earth Data


Jul 24: Without A Vaccine, Researchers Say, Herd Immunity May Never Be Achieved


Jul 23: ‘Mulan’ pushed back again while theaters beg studios to release blockbusters


Jul 26: Without A Vaccine, Researchers Say, Herd Immunity May Never Be Achieved

Sci Tech Daily

Jul 27: Could COVID-19 Have Seasons? NASA Searches for Signals in Earth Data

The List

Jul 30: Why a flu shot is even more important this year

E&E News

Aug 07: Virus refuses to slow in heat and scientists don’t know why

Spectrum 1 News

Aug 21: The MTA is Testing a New Train Disinfecting Device – And You Probably Won’t See it

NY Post

Aug 25: New coronavirus cases declining in US, experts credit masks in drop

The Advocate

Aug 22: After chaotic spring, Baton Rouge hospitals hoped for a coronavirus break. It roared back.


Aug 27: Herd Immunity May Play a Bigger Role Than We Thought


Aug 24: What We Do—and Do Not—Know About Herd Immunity


Sep 25: As Second Wave Looms Over NYC, So Does The Prospect Of A Return To More Restrictions