COVID-19 Interviews: Sen Pei

Science Daily

Mar 16, 2020: ‘Stealth transmission’ fuels fast spread of coronavirus outbreak
Jan 11, 2021: Early warning system fills in gaps in infectious disease surveillance
Aug 26, 2021: One in three Americans had COVID-19 by the end of 2020, study estimates
NY Times

Mar 20, 2020: Coronavirus Could Overwhelm U.S. Without Urgent Action, Estimates Say
May 21, 2020: Inaction That Cost Lives
Jan 05, 2022: Opinion: Here’s When We Expect Omicron to Peak


May 04, 2020: Trump’s 100,000-Dead Projection Gets Muddied by Reopenings

Chemistry Views

Mar 18, 2020: Unrecognized Infection Could Play Major Role in Spread of COVID-19

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Apr 08, 2020: Wisconsin health department tracking whether new coronavirus cases are tied to Tuesday’s in-person voting
Apr 09, 2020: Wisconsin health department tracking whether new coronavirus cases are tied to Tuesday’s in-person voting


Mar 16, 2020: Scientists find that up to 86 percent of coronavirus infections go undetected

Live Science

Apr 03, 2020: Asymptomatic people may be fueling the coronavirus spread
Aug 18, 2020: What if a powerful hurricane hits during the pandemic? Here’s how to prevent a double disaster.


Mar 29, 2020: COVID-19 projections cause capacity concern as regional hospitals brace for impact

Worcester Business Journal

Mar 23, 2020: Columbia study says Worcester County best-case scenario is 20K coronavirus cases


Mar 26, 2020: Hartford/Tolland County’s Best-Case Scenario For Coronavirus

Mass Live

Mar 28, 2020: Coronavirus: Massachusetts’ worst-case scenario includes hospitals implementing do-not-resuscitate orders if system is overwhelmed

Pioneer Press

Mar 17, 2020: Photos and video: Day 1 of the Bay Area’s 7-county coronavirus lockdown

Desert Sun

Mar 20, 2020: Experts say grocery clerks, health care workers need ‘added protection,’ but supplies limited


May 09, 2020: 4 reasons state plans to open up may backfire — and soon

Buzzfeed News

May 08, 2020: Here’s What Public Health Experts Think Our Pandemic Summer Will Look Like


May 13, 2020: Fauci Says U.S. Death Toll Is Likely Higher. Other COVID-19 Stats Need Adjusting, Too
Jan 23, 2021: The Vaccine Rollout Will Take Time. Here’s What The U.S. Can Do Now To Save Lives


May 18, 2020: Georgia Department Of Health Apologizes For Weekend Data Snafu

New York Daily News

May 20, 2020: Earlier coronavirus lockdown could have saved 54,000 lives: study

Brookings Institute

Jun 02, 2020: The COVID-19 crisis: How do U.S. employment and health outcomes compare to other OECD countries?


June 05, 2020: Covid-19 Cases Were Already Rising Before the George Floyd Protests

Wall Street Journal

Sep 19, 2020: Reopening Colleges Likely Fueled Covid-19 Significantly, Study Finds
Nov 21, 2020: Many College Students Head Home for Thanksgiving Lacking Covid-19 Tests

NBC News

Sep 18, 2020: U.S. Covid-19 death toll surpasses 200,000
Sep 24, 2020: Vindicated Covid-19 models warn pandemic is far from over

Channel 3000

Nov 06, 2020: The US tops 100,000 coronavirus infections for third straight day, as hospitalizations soar


Nov 06, 2020: Social distancing earlier could have saved over 59,000 lives in the US
Dec 10, 2021: Covid-19 could eventually be seasonal, scientists say

Health IT Analytics

Jan 12, 2021: Predictive Analytics Optimizes Infectious Disease Surveillance

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Sep 05, 2021: Where to get tested for COVID post-Ida

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Oct 14, 2021: Is a Really Bad Flu Season on the Way?

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Nov 10, 2021: Is COVID-19 Seasonal?