How to Promote Your HVAC Business on Social Media

Running a business takes guts, resilience, and skill.  While traditionally HVAC contractors had to rely on word of mouth for business, there is now a tool at your disposal that can truly rocket your HVAC business further so you can reap the benefits of a full schedule with reliable clients. 

Social media provides a platform to propel information to an infinite amount of contacts.  With a solid plan and clean execution, you can use social media to highlight your unique skills as an HVAC contractor while expanding your reach dramatically and creating more contacts.  Read on to discover seven genius social media strategies for your AC repair business.

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Competitive research

The first, and possibly most important, strategy is to conduct solid, informative research on your competitors.  Because companies are trying to make their name as well-known as possible, they usually provide all of their information on their website or through social media channels.  For example, you can determine the hours of availability, cost, services offered, and geographic reach of your competition.  Being informed can help you compare your own HVAC business and what you offer with others in the area.  Knowing how you stack up against competing HVAC contractors can also highlight your strengths and services you may offer that others don’t.  Communicate your strengths with the clients, so they know what you bring to the table.

Customers education

Secondly, you can use social media to provide incredibly helpful information for your clientele.  Focus on sharing information that clients will find useful, such as how to change an air filter, how to check the pilot light, how to use an HVAC system, etc.  Educate your clients, so that they experience success with their HVAC systems.  Providing useful information will build trust with your clients, knowing they can count on you as a reliable source of information and assistance.

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Create your strategy

In addition, use social media to create your unique strategy that will maximize the impact of your business and optimize your budget for recession times.  Is there something that you, as an HVAC contractor, focus on more than others?  Perhaps you are great at providing helpful videos.  Or maybe you use your charismatic personality to post funny things related to your job, like your ‘happy dance’ when you complete a successful HVAC project.  Highlight your strategy to providing a successful business.


It is also critical that your digital marketing strategy includes meaningful content.  Clients do not want to waste time looking for answers to their questions.  Maximize content on your web page by including important SEO, or terms that people will search for that will lead them to your web content.  Include a variation of vocabulary on your page, such as air conditioning, A/C, and cooling, to increase your search results and lead new customers to your resources.

Furthermore, take advantage of all the platforms social media offers.  Don’t simply create a web page full of plain, informational text.  Use all of the social media channels available, posting written blog articles, helpful photos and how-to videos that will engage customers.  Some individuals prefer watching a short video tutorial over reading an article.  Discover the variety of ways you can provide meaningful resources that will increase your audience and attract new customers.

Blogs, Articles

In addition, target your customers.  While expressing a strong social media presence can attract customers and widen your audience, it can also expose you to unrealistic demands.

Target your customers

If you are limited to a certain geographical area, find platforms that target that area, such as local web pages, and integrate those sources with your digital marketing plan.

Be professional

Finally, commit yourself to routine digital maintenance.  If customers discover a link that leads nowhere or a video tutorial that doesn’t load, it will do more than just cause them to find a different contractor—it will leave them with a negative impression of your company.  Address this by regularly reviewing your social media presence to make sure links are working properly and web pages are easy to navigate.

In summary, take full advantage of what the digital terrain has to offer.  Follow these seven strategies to strengthen your social media presence, and you are sure to enjoy increased and prolonged success as an independent HVAC contractor.  Good luck!

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