The faculty members behind COVID-19 ACTION are planning a series of initial trainings (clinical, administration, and policy) for CSSW students, faculty alumni, and community members who are interested in addressing urgent needs and concerns related to COVID-19. Topics will include:

  • Critical psychoeducation to help our community cope while preparing a cadre of social workers and community members ready to support COVID-19-related challenges, focusing on stress and trauma, grief and loss, interpersonal violence, anxiety, depression, stigma, social support, and sleep-related issues.
  • Targeted Motivational Interviewing related to COVID-19, focusing on how motivational interviewing would be useful in understanding and responding to individual needs during the pandemic (e.g. struggling with social distancing). MI strategies could be effective in meeting individuals where they are at, what is driving them, doing what matters and in general, collaborating with them in implementing creative solutions to these difficulties.
  • Connections between COVID-19 and Privilege, Race, Oppression, and Power
  • Social policies and services related to COVID-19, with a focus on strategies for supporting efforts at the local, state, and federal levels.

For more information on these trainings, please contact the Office of Professional Excellence at [email protected].


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