Resources for Protestors

Black lives matter. We stand in solidarity with activists and organizers across the country and around the world who are mobilizing against state-sanctioned violence and systemic racism. We stand in remembrance of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, David McAtee, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, and the countless other victims of racist violence.


In this guide:

  • Tips for Safe Protesting

  • Legal Help

Taken from this document, gathered by the CSSW Action Lab from the following sources: Adapted from Facebook post by Xavier Ramey, Chicago activist & CEO of Justice Informed, Instagram post by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Street Medic Guide adapted from Paper Revolution 

June 2 Update: 

Read/Listen to “This Moment Has Been Co-opted” – an interview with Chicago activist Xavier Ramey. He urges us to stay home if we are not part of a planned effort. Also, protestors are not the looters or the rioters. 


  1. Not all are physically able to attend protests, and there are many other ways to support the BLM movement, advocate, and practice anti-racism at this time. All types of support are important and necessary.
  2. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS OF GRASSROOTS BLACK ORGANIZERS. They have been at this a long time and are disciplined in the ropes of community organizing and demonstration. It is a discipline. Follow trusted leaders whose goal has been the focused pursuit of justice. *Do not just show up unprepared. And do not follow someone who just showed up.* 
  3. LOOK OUT FOR THINGS THAT DON’T SEEM RIGHT. There are increasing reports and investigations that white supremacists may be infiltrating protests, breaking windows, and destroying property. If anything seems off to you, document it. Always check who is organizing.
  4. HAVE A BUDDY. Always march with a partner and check in on each other. 
  5. BE SAFE. More on this below. Wear a mask and gloves. Be prepared for tear gas. Have emergency contact numbers ready. Walk, don’t run. 


  1. Use the bathroom before you go
  2. Let a loved one know before you march and what area you will be in
  3. Wear a mask to protect yourself and your community. Covid-19 is still a problem throughout  the United States and Black Americans have been disproportionately affected
  4. Walk, don’t run 
  5. Turn off face/touch ID on phones and use a passcode to protect your identity in case your phone is taken
  6. Dealing with Pepper Spray/Tear gas: 
    1. Carry saline solutions or Liquid Antacids +  Water mixed together (LAW)
    2. Straight milk is not a good substitute
    3. Flavored antacids are not a good substitute 
    4. For skin: Use LAW mixtures where the gas or spray hits 
    5. For eyes: DON’T pour LAW in. Use saline solution or water. Contact lens solution could work
    6. For respiration/ face protection: Prevent injury w/ gas mask (expensive) or bandana soaked in water and wrapped around your mouth and nose like a surgical mask 
  7. DO bring: ID, cash/change, water, first aid, washcloth, snacks, ear plugs, protest signs
  8. DON’T bring: anything you don’t want to be arrested with, e.g. substances, Rx drugs without original container  
  9. DO wear: nondescript solid colors, layered clothing, goggles, mask, hair tied up, emergency contacts written on arms in Sharpie
  10. DON’T wear: jewelry, contact lenses

Use these if arrested and don’t have other contacts. Call with legal name and time and place of arrest. 

Growing national list of emergency legal aid here:

  • Chicago: First Defense Legal Aid: 1-800-529-7374 (1-800-LAW-REP4) 
  • New Jersey: National Lawyers Guild: 908-818-0002
  • New York: National Lawyers Guild: 212-679-6018
  • Seattle: National Lawyers Guild: 206-658-7963

The following text was taken from this live document (“May/June MN Bail Fund and Support List (Updated Daily)”).


  • BEST # FOR PROTESTORS TO WRITE ON THEIR BODY: 612-444-2654 National Lawyers Guild MN Chapter:,, contact is Michelle Gross  [email protected] 
  • Noah M. Johnson “I am willing to give free legal advice to anyone associated with tonight’s protests”: [email protected] , 612-827-6781 (office), 763-213-9068 (cell) 
  • T. Zathras “If anyone is in need of legal representation due to their participation in tonight’s protests, DM me. I may not have criminal law experience but I will represent you for free”: contact on twitter 
  • Criminal and Juvenile Defense Clinic at University of St. Thomas is offering free legal representation, probably will have to leave message but team will respond quickly: 651-962-4960
  • Legal Rights Center: 612-337-0030, AFTER HOURS: 612-444-2654 (Nat’l Lawyers Guild)
  • Rachel Crane “IMMIGRATION SPECIFIC – Not an attorney, but work with many immigration attorneys. I can put people in touch with attorneys who will do pro bono immigration work for those whose participation in these protests has an impact on immigration status”: 805-815-6209 or [email protected] 
  • Martine Law “If any peaceful protestors were wrongfully arrested and need pro bono representation please invite them to call” 612-208-8076
  • Nico Ratkowski “If any protestors in Minneapolis or St. Paul need pro bono representation after getting arrested, get at me.”: 651-771-0019, call and ask for free consult, can also message on twitter 

Also check out this live document of National Resource List #GeorgeFloyd