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International History Workshop 2018-19

We are excited to announce the 2018-2019 lineup for the International History Workshop!

All IHW meetings will run from 12:00-1:15 in 513 Fayerweather, and lunch will be served (unless marked with an*)

We look forward to seeing you this year!

Best wishes,

Sam Coggeshall, Joslyn DeVinney, Isobel Plowright, and Rohan Shah

Fall 2018

September 19 – Bernhard Struck (St. Andrews) – “Did Prussia have an Atlantic History? The Partitions of Poland-Lithuania, the French Colonisation of Guyana, and Climates in the Caribbean, c.1760s-1780s”

September 26 – Aaron Benanav (University of Chicago) – “The Construction of a Globally Operational Concept of Unemployment at the UN, 1945-1995”

October 3 – Amy Offner (University of Pennsylvania) – “Knowledge Without a Nation, Concepts Without a Discipline: The Case of Albert Hirschman”

October 10 – Jyoti Mohan (Morgan State University) – “Writing histories, appropriating pasts: how the French wrote India’s ‘history’”

October 24 – Andrew Liu (Villanova University) – Introduction to “Tea War: A History of Capitalism in China and India”

October 31 – Faith Hillis (University of Chicago) – “From Refugees to Terrorists: Émigré Dystopias and the Rise of the Security State”

November 7 – Kostis Karpozilos (Columbia University) – “Transnational Socialism within a Nation State: the un-Greekness of Greek Socialism (1910-1918)”

November 14 – Muriam Haleh Davis (UC Santa Cruz) – “Markets and Muslims: Planning for ‘Homo Economics’ during Algerian Decolonization”

November 28 – David Ekbladh (Tufts University) – “World History and Global Crisis: Internationalist Histories and US Globalism” – Cancelled

December 5 – Shireen Hamza (Harvard University) – “The Weight of Dreams: The Kābūs in the Medieval Indian Ocean World”

Spring 2019

January 30 – Jennifer Johnson (Brown University): “Developing Postcolonial Morocco: King Hassan II, Healthcare, and Family Planning, 1965-1968”

February 6 – James Chappel (Duke University): “Does It Matter That We Live Forever? Reflections on Old Age and International History”

February 13 – Giorgios Giannakopoulos (Durham University): “Of Empires, Dominions and Successor States: British Liberal Internationalism and Imperial Order in Eastern Europe in the 1920s”

February 20 – Andreas Eckert (Humboldt University Berlin): “Decolonizing Germany? The Politics of Coping with the Past” – Cancelled

February 27 – Tehila Sasson (Emory University): “Nature, Sovereignty and Disasters After Empire”

March 6 – Vera Candiani (Princeton University): “Peasants and Commons in the Americas: A History of Erasure”

*March 7 – Book Talk: Wen-Qing Ngoei (Nanyang Technical University) in conversation with Lien-Hang Nguyen (Columbia), Arc of Containment: Britain, the United States and Anticommunism in Southeast Asia. 5-7pm in 513 Fayerweather, dinner will be served.

March 13 – David Ekbladh (Tufts University): “World History and Global Crisis: Internationalist Histories and US Globalism”

March 27 – Atina Grossmann (Cooper Union): “Trauma, Privilege, and Adventure in Transit: Jewish Refugees in Iran and India.”

*April 10 – Book Talk: Sarah Miller-Davenport (University of Sheffield) in conversation with Lien-Hang Nguyen (Columbia), Gateway State: Hawai’i and the Cultural Transformation of American Empire. 5-7pm in 513 Fayerweather, dinner will be served.

April 17 – Ali Raza (Lahore University of Management Sciences): “Desiring Utopia: Revolutionary Lives and Revolutionary Dreams in South Asia”

April 24 – Angus Burgin (Johns Hopkins): “The Neoliberal Turn”

*April 25 – “Imperial or International History?” Roundtable with Professors Greg Mann, Susan Pedersen, Emmanuelle Saada, and Stephen Wertheim. 6-7:30pm in Fayerweather 513, dinner will be served.

May 1st- Andrew Sartori (NYU): Title TBD

Thanks to our sponsors:
The Center for International History, ISERP, The Harriman Institute, Weatherhead East Asian Institute, and The Department of History. 

Thanks to the Center for Science and Society for the use of their space.