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International History Workshop 2016-17

We are very happy to announce that the International History Workshop will be kicking off its third year on September 14 with Sara Pursley, Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at NYU. This year’s faculty affiliates include Mark Mazower, Catherine Evtuhov, Manan Ahmed and Matthew Connelly. We will be meeting weekly on Wednesdays, from 11:45 to 12:45, and lunch will be served.The workshop is open to all, and consists of an informal discussion of pre-circulated works in progress.

— Roy Bar Sadeh and Lotte Houwink ten Cate

FALL 2016

Sept 14: Sara Pursley, Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at NYU. “Familiar Futures: Time, Selfhood, and Sovereignty in Iraq, 1920-63.”

Sept 21: Sam Wetherell, Lecturer in Discipline in the Department of History at Columbia. “Pilot Zones For A New Global Economy: Ireland, Hong Kong and Urban Enterprise Zones 1947-1982.”

Sept 28: Jan Stoeckmann, PhD Candidate at Oxford and a Visiting Scholar in the Department of History at Columbia. “Scholars of International Relations (IR) in Action: Education, Diplomacy, and Cooperation, 1925–1933.”

Oct 5: On Barak, Professor of history at Tel Aviv University. “Universalizing ‘Labor’ in the Age of Steam-Power.”

Oct 12: Joshua Guild, Professor of history and African-American studies at Princeton. Title to be announced.

Oct 19: Divya Subramanian, PhD Candidate in history at Columbia. “Modernization and its Afterlives: The Upper Krishna Irrigation Project, 1964-Present.”

Oct 26: Trey Straussberger, PhD Candidate in history at Columbia. “Espionage and networks of Guinean political exiles in West Africa during the 1960s and ‘70s.”

Nov 2: Matt McDonald, PhD candidate in history at Princeton. “Gold-Spangl’d Schemes and Sticky Reality: The Question of Commerce in Precolonial Senegal.”

Nov 9: Surekha Davies, Assistant Professor of history at Western Connecticut State University.”Inventing the Brazilian Cannibal: Maps, Print Culture and Ethnogenesis”.

Nov 16: Jennifer Allen, Assistant Professor of modern German history at Yale. “Some Reflections on the Melodrama of Anti-Utopianism.”

Nov 23: Curtis Murphy, Assistant Teaching Professor of history at Georgetown University, working on East Central Europe and the Russian Empire. “The Lord’s Justice: Blood Libel and Adultery in a Radziwiłł City.”

Nov 30: Esmat Ehalaby, PhD candidate at Rice University. “The Arab Rediscovery of India.”

Dec 7: Glenda Goodman, Violist and Assistant Professor at the Department of Music at Penn. “The ‘Swinish Multitude’ come to America: Political Song and Transatlantic Print in the Age of Revolution.”

Spring 2017


Jan 18: Ussama Makdisi, TBD

Jan 25: Eric Beverley, Professor of South Asian History at Stony Brook, TBD

Feb 1: Julie Livingston, Professor of African history at NYU, TBD

Feb 8: Margaret Litvin, Associate Professor of Arabic & Comparative Literature at Boston University. “Fellow Travelers? Two Arab Study Abroad Narratives of Moscow”

Feb 22: Emile Chabal, Chancellor’s Fellow in History at the University of Edinburgh. Forthcoming intellectual biography of Hobsbawm.

March 1: Udi Greenberg, Professor of Modern European thought at Dartmouth.“Global Politics and the Transformation of Christianity.”

March 8: A book event with Frank Trentmann, Professor of History at Birkbeck College. Empire of Things: How We Became a World of Consumers, from the Fifteenth Century to the Twenty-First.

March 22: Kimberley Cheng, NYU, “Jews in China”

March 29: Lien-Hang Nguyen, Associate Professor in the History of the United States and East Asia at Columbia. “Unruly Sources and the ‘Wild History'(Dã Sử) of the Tet Offensive.”

April 5: Professor Meltem Toksöz (Boğaziçi University), “World History as An Ottoman mission civilisatrice; Ahmed Midhat’s Configuration”

April 12, Special double session on the writing of international history of Africa, with Eric Allina, Associate professor of history at the University of Ottowa (on labor and the state in colonial Africa) and Priya Lal, Assistant professor at Boston College (on socialism and the transfer of intellectual capital in South-Eastern Africa).

April 19: Eileen Kane, Assistant Professor of modern Russian and Eurasian history at Connecticut College. “Russia’s Other Pilgrims to the Holy Land: Jews in Jerusalem, 1830s-1850s.”

April 26: Jay Sexton, Americanist.‘The Politics of the Steam Empire’