Community Service Initiative

Charles Drew Community Service Initiative

-To incorporate service as an integral pillar of being a Charles Drew member
-This quality is defined through the voluntary contributions made by a student to the school or community, done without compensation.

How It Will Work
-25 points per semester (minimum)
-1 point for attending general meetings
-5 points for attending Charles drew sponsored community service event (must attend at least 1)
-1 point for every hour of community service rendered anywhere
-Electronic Community Service Log located on Charles Drew Website under CSI tab
-Members should visit Charles Drew Website to record their hours
-Also physical copy signed by supervisors must be turned in at the following meeting as proof of service rendered. (form will also be located on Charles Drew website)
-quarterly pdf/email from the community co-chairs with all members names and the amount of hours/points they have.

-End of year party/Formal Gala for all those who meet the minimum requirement – must RSVP
-Legitimate prizes for those who show exceptional dedication
-Recognition of graduating members
-Induction of new E-Board
-Giving out certificates and legitimate prizes at the banquet/gala for
—–Most Service hours
—–Perfect attendance
—–Freshman… member of the year
—–Sophomore… member of the year
—–Junior… member of the year
—–Senior… member of the year
—–(and anything else we see fit)

Volunteer Proposals
-2 major Charles drew sponsored events this semester but there will also be monthly opportunities to get some points.
—–Walk/Run For Breast Cancer (October 19)
—–Pulsera Project (October 25)
—–Volunteering at the Community Soup Kitchen (Mid-October)
—–Nursing Home/Hospice Center Visit Rotations (TBA)
—–Hosting blood drive (TBA)
—–Columbia Dining Community Outreach (TBA)
—–Alternative Spring Break Program (Spring 2015)