The Charles Drew Pre-Medical Society was originally established in 1973 by a small group of minority pre-meds from Columbia College and Barnard College who firmly believed that they held the duty to serve their fellow peers in order to establish a strong network of minority and non-minority pre-medical student population on Columbia’s campus. Through toy drives and community service initiatives, mentoring, shadowing, and panels, the organization has become very valuable in guiding and encouraging pre-meds and was re-established in the early-nineties.

Over the past couple of years, the Charles Drew Pre-Medical Society has been revamped and revitalized through the efforts of several hardworking students and Charles Drew has grown to establish a strong presence on campus. Through hard work and dedication to serving their members, the Charles Drew Pre-Medical Society has shown renewed commitment to making a positive impact on Columbia’s campus and the community at large.  As an organization, we are dedicated to maintain the high and premier standard of Dr. Charles R. Drew and apply such standards within ourselves and for our future generations.