AIAA Weekly Update #8: Pretty Fly

The majestic model airplane, in its natural habitat.

IT’S ALIVE! After finishing with our indoor testing last week, we absconded to the park with our plane for some aerial amusement. Our maiden voyage was successful, with the plane taking off in good weather and zipping to and fro like it was made to fly. Probably because it was.

The results were certainly encouraging. We know that the plane can carry the necessary cargo, taxii across a rough surface, take off within the necessary distance, and even land without breaking (much)!

The plane has since been shipped to Wichita, Kansas for the competition! Our team will board a much larger plane to follow it there, on Thursday afternoon! The competition will take place from Friday to Sunday.

Expect to be spammed with blog updates in the near future! Also watch our twitter feed, which will be all atwitter with tweets this tweekend.