We all know that the process of trading stocks is highly perplexing. Generally, when we purchase a stock, we come up with an estimate of how much we will be buying. Eventually, it is the broker that fills the order in a specific stock market. Online options trading demands a thorough idea of advanced strategies that contains some convenient steps to follow. When you open your trading account on the Espresso platform, you can make the most of it. 

Four Simple Steps To Trade Options Online 

  • Open A Trading Account On Espresso 

Online options trading is exciting. However, you have to keep in mind that you have created an account before practicing online options trading. Best platforms like Espresso are highly convenient for you to open an account. Here, the process of running the account is also quite simple and easy to understand. What is more intriguing is that you can open an account without paying any money at all. You can also make the most of the options calculator available for you to use on Espresso’s site. So, why keep waiting? Please complete most of it for the best experience in trading. 

  • Pick Which Options To Buy Or Sell 

A call option is an agreement that delivers you with the right. However, it is not the obligation to purchase a stock at a predetermined rate. This is what is known as the strike price. However, a put option allows you the liberty to sell shares at a shared rate before the contract dies out. Now, it entirely depends on which direction you expect the underlying stock to shift, which analyses the options to take. 

If you feel the stock price will shoot up- purchase a call option, sell a put option. 

If you think the stock price is likely to be stagnant- sell a call option or buy option. 

If you feel the stock price will fall, buy a put option or sell a call option. 

Although this is a basic review, it can go a long way in helping you strategize properly when practicing online stock trading. Also, do not forget to scroll through Espresso’s low brokerage rate for more. 

  • Predict The Option Strike Price 

It is imperative to make an accurate prediction regarding the option strike price. Yes, it can be constructive for all the right reasons. So, Espresso’s calculator can help you out without any hassle. It is not only easy to use but also offers highly accurate estimates for utmost convenience. Make sure you fill-up the empty spaces provided there on the website and check them correctly. Once you are done filling up the open spaces, make sure you tap on the calculate now button given at the bottom of the site. 

  • Analyze The Option Time 

Each option contract has a specific expiration period. This helps you to understand that you can carry out the option. So, you cannot merely pull out dates in the open air. So, make sure you choose the duration of the option correctly for the best experience. 


So, make sure you get your hands on Espresso’s site for the best trading experience.