Unfortunately, car accidents are a major problem that sometimes results in the death of the people involved in the mishap. The car accidents play a havoc in the life of the people involved in it as they need to take medical treatment, repair their car and take leave from their work. In unfortunate instances, the mishap may result in disability problems for a couple of days, a few months or at times entire life. 

In those stressful times, only an experienced lawyer can help them to get a high compensation and insurance money. You can contact Houston car accident lawyers who are experts in assisting their clients. Sutliff & Stout law firm in Houston, Texas have helped greatly in providing maximum monetary settlement in favor of their clients. 

The statistics of car accidents in Texas

  • Approximately there will be more than thousands of car accidents occurring every year. There are thousands of people injured and hundreds of them are seriously injured resulting in restraining their mobility. 
  • Urban areas report more accidents compared to rural areas in the Texas region. However, the fatality rate is higher in the rural areas as all are massive car crashes. 
  • On weekends the fatalities are more as many of them drive under the influence of alcohol. 
  • The crash at night results in more casualties than during daytime. 
  • Weekends, holidays, and Memorial Day are the times when major car accidents occur. 

The statistics of car accidents in Houston-

  • The crashes in a year mount to thousands and the average of severe injuries are in hundreds. 
  • The crashes may have resulted because of many reasons. The major causes are excessive drinking and inexperienced driving by teenagers. 

Prime reasons for car accidents in Texas and Houston:

  • Driving after indulging in alcohol and drugs. Often people after enjoying few drinks drive their vehicle at night. They return home after midnight thus feel sleepy after having few drinks. Unfavorably, when you are in such situation, it is best to call skilled accident attorney to defend your DUI case in the court. 
  • Teenage novice drivers have contributed a lot to the rising number of car crashes. They aren’t experienced in driving and love to indulge in risky driving. All these results in a massive collision on the road. 
  • Car crashes occurring in the midst of heavy traffic – Every few hours vehicle crash occurs in the crowd resulting in the involvement of other vehicles as well. 

The other causes are speeding, lane changing in the wrong way, taking unsafe speedy turn, improper way of backing the vehicle in the heavy traffic road, defective slippery tiers, not maintaining the distance while driving, feeling tired and many more.

You need to defend yourself if the other party or police officials file a complaint against you in the court. You can call knowledgeable skilled lawyers to help in winning the case. They provide the best helping hand to deal with the insurance firms and to negotiate for maximum compensation for the injured people. They will provide compensation for paying medical bills, loss of income due to taking leave from work, car repairing cost and other losses. Thus, don’t forget to call the best lawyer soon.