A bunkie board is simply bedding support for a bunk bed like box-springs used on a regular bed. Although bunk beds are unique compared to standard beds. They contain more than one sleeping space, they have one distinct disadvantage: the inability for one sleeper to sleep close to another, even if both sleep in the same room. That means two people can share a bunk room, but only one person can get a good night’s sleep. That is why a bunkie board was created, and bunk beds are now easier to install with the use of these boards.

A bunkie board may add as much as an inch of height to your bed if you add it at the point where you would add box springs. In some cases, this may add as much as three inches, depending on the individual height of the individual bunk beds. Even so, it is still considerably less than box springs. It will be just about enough to make it difficult for anyone to get a decent night’s sleep on the bed.

There are many different types of bunk bed frames. Some are made from wood, but most are made out of aluminum. Many of the bunk beds of today come with the boxes already attached. You simply have to add the boards to those boxes and you have a nice, solid, and comfortable mattress to sleep on. One thing to keep in mind when choosing a design is the slats that connect the boards. Some slats will be much wider than others, and this will affect how much height you will gain.

What Is The Role Of The Bunkie Board

The most important role of the bunkie board is to keep your mattress on top of the ground. A bunkie board acts as an additional support system for your bedding. A bunkie board acts as a strong but thin membrane that increases the life of your bed and prevents mattresses from slipping. Experts recommend bunkies for latex mattresses such as memory foam, polyfoam, foam latex, and visco-elastic foam mattresses. A bunkie board will also add a layer of security between the bed frame and the mattress by preventing the bedding from sliding across the frame.

In addition to keeping your mattress on top of the ground, a bunkie board will also protect your foam mattress from moisture, which can weaken a solid base and cause it to spring back. When you add a layer of protection, you are allowing your foam mattress to last longer.

Unlike traditional mattress supports, the board acts as a strong but flexible barrier between the bedding and the foam mattress. As a result, the old box springs will not crack under pressure and the mattresses will not seep through. In addition to providing exceptional support and comfort, you also eliminate the risk of developing mold, allergens, dust mites, and other health problems caused by sleeping in unhealthy conditions.

The most important feature of a bunkie board is that it provides excellent ventilation. A solid base with an excellent ventilation system allows your foam mattress to breathe. This helps to regulate the temperature of your bed frame and keeps your sleep free from extreme temperatures. The heat dissipation in this type of bed frame allows you to get the ultimate comfort without worrying about overheating at night.

If you choose to install a bundling board between your old box spring and your new foam mattress, you should not have any issues with moisture. This is because the thickness of the board prevents moisture from penetrating the surface of the foam mattress. Also, if you do leak in your bed, the water will bead up along the board and dry onto the surface, rather than pooling in your foam mattress and getting trapped between the two. With older boxes springs, a leak often got into the metal tracks that lead to the top of the box spring and could cause serious damage to the softwood box spring. By providing a sealed surface, will prevent the water from leaking out of the mattress, which in turn keeps the moisture away from your new foam mattress.

Features Of A Bunkie Board

  • When thinking about the base materials that bed frames and mattress frames are constructed from, one of the most important features of a bunkie board is the structural integrity of the framing to support the mattress. A board is a strong, flat board, and when the board is supported by the frame it can provide stability to the mattress even when the mainframe is weak. The strength of the framing is usually indicated in the depth of the board’s robberies, which refers to the spaces between the board’s intersections.
  • A bunkie board is a board that has a cross-sectional area equal to its width. If the board is laid on the ground and is secured to the board runner then it will serve as a base for a mattress. However, if it is secured on top of a wood frame then it will serve as a surface to rest a mattress on. In either case, the board serves as a sloping surface that will conform to the shape of a bed. The benefit of using a board instead of a traditional platform bed is that you can adjust its slope to the extent that suits your needs.
  • One of the main features of a bunkie board as a foundation for a mattress is that it is very durable. The materials used to make the board are typically constructed from wood. The wood is very sturdy because of the various bracing methods that are used in the construction. When the board is braced together tightly, it provides support for the entire mattress. Therefore, when you lie down on the board, the pressure applied to the mattress is much reduced. Not only the mattress but the bed is also weighted down by the weight of the blankets. Most people today use weighted blankets for proper sleep and the weight of a king size weighted blanket is too heavy and with the help of Bunkie boards, the bed can balance these weights.


As you can see, there are many benefits of a bunkie board as a foundation for a mattress. However, the decision of whether to purchase such a bed depends entirely on your individual needs. You must determine the amount of space that is available for your bunkie board mattress. Your room or bedroom must also have ample floor space. Furthermore, you must also make sure that the board can support your entire mattress and that it will not be damaged due to heavy or frequent movements.