The benefits that come with knowing a foreign language are enormous. It will not only spice up your resume but also open the door to endless opportunities and possibilities in your career. Below we will look at all the career choices that bilingual or multilingual job seekers can go after.

Language Translator

The world has become more interconnected in many ways, and candidates capable of facilitating cross-border communication are now at a premium. Countless corporations require translators for a variety of reasons, and with the rise of international trade, it is unlikely that there will be an oversupply of language translators anytime soon.

This sort of service is typically required in places such as immigration facilities, hospitals, universities, and courthouses. This means that people with diverse language skills have plenty of places to work. Plus, language translator employment is expected to grow 17 percent throughout the next few years.

Customer Service Agent

Many companies have set up their call centers overseas, driving demand for multilingual customer service representatives. Sales agents who are able to speak multiple languages are highly sought after.

Because addressing customer inquiries are sometimes difficult over the phone, employers are on the lookout for people who can help overcome barriers caused by language differences and expand their customer reach.

Language Teacher

Not surprisingly, with the increasing popularity of learning a foreign language, language teaching is a career that has a great outlook. What is more, multicultural populations necessitate the services of multilingual teachers, and many big cities like London, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles are homes to ethnically-diverse people.

Particularly, the demand for online language teachers has seen a steep uptick over the recent months as more and more people choose to learn language online due to the COVID-19 pandemic and advancement in internet technology.

Freelance Writer

Being a freelancer means that you can set your own working hours and rates, and even take a day off whenever you want. Writers who are well versed in several languages will find themselves at a competitive advantage in the job market.

Many fields require the work of multilingual writers, especially the advertising industry where writers who can convert ideas into written pieces for a large audience coming from different backgrounds are in great demand.


Last but not least, if photography is your thing, consider selling your skills both locally and internationally. Being a multilingual photographer means that you can communicate your ideas with a variety of people who don’t speak your primary language, giving you a larger customer base. Plus, you may get the chance to travel all over the world with all expenses covered.

So in the case where you have been planning to learn a foreign language to have a side income or boost up your CV, there has never been a better time than now.