SIPA Gets $1 Million grant for work on Cyber-Security, Internet Governance, and Innovation

carnegie corpThe title says it: Columbia School of International and Public Affairs has been awarded $1 million to fun work in three areas related to technology: cyber security, internet governance, and innovation policy. The grant is one of five Carnegie is giving out to schools across the country investigating similar issues.

The primary goals of the grant are to fund research by doctoral students and junior faculty involved in this work, as well as to host conferences in April of 2015 and 2016 to bring together academic, government, and private sector actors working on the same topics. You can read SIPA’s official statement here.

That said, we just met with SIPA alum and fellow of the program, Benjamin Dean, and word is that they want active student involvement. It sounds like the opportunities are fairly open at this point.

So, if you’re a current SIPA student or alumnus and have a good idea about any of these three topics that you have the time and ability to put into action, drop us a line.