This Saturday – Deadline to Apply for Innovating Mobile Technology for Development Competition!

Just a reminder, this Saturday October 20th is the deadline for applying to our first pitch competition: Innovating Mobile Technology for Development. This means we need to have your team’s executive summary and application in our virtual hands by Saturday. If you’re still vacilating on whether or not to compete, here are a few (more) reasons:

  • The process of designing an application will prove useful to you in many other arenas, such as project design. Learn to solidify an idea and start to turn it into something tangible, by “doing” it!
  • Improve your idea with feedback from our awesome panel of judges!
  • Take your well-honed idea (and pitch skills) to other subsequent entrepreneurship and application challenges. These include university-sponsored events (i.e. GSVC, Social Enterprise Bootcamp), Community-based challenges (OpenIDEO), and city-based competitions (i.e. Big App contests and Hackathons).
  • Sometimes great apps are designed by people out-of-touch with the intended users. The beauty of students is that we all come from diverse backgrounds which can help influence our ideas. Hopefully, we all remember that the technology can be good, but it’s the people who make it work!
  • Networks with our judges, industry professionals in attendance, and each other! You may be able to get your idea produced by one of the mobile application programmers, or find new collaborators to work with, or perhaps you can swing an internship or even *gasp* a job!
  • Win some money!

So get those applications in! If you are in need of teammates, check our list, and if you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]!