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Wednesday 2/29/2012 at 8pm – MS Access Training – Room 1401

Busy applying to summer internships? Boost your resume by learning a new skill — MS Access is used in a variety of organizations as a database system for multiple users, supporting large amounts of data. With Access you can do a variety of tasks from marketing to logistics and event planning. Although it is primarily a database, Access allows organizations to compile information and make reports in a simplified, user friendly way: Access is for Windows based systems only. If you do not have MS […]

Crisis Mapping Introduction: Recap

Thanks to all of our new Crisis Mappers for coming out last night to NMTF (New Media Task Force)’s  kickoff meeting! We thought it would be helpful to add the links and some of the details from the presentation here on the blog, so you can review and delve further into the topics we discussed. Crisis Mapping: What is it? “Crisis Mappers leverage mobile & web-based applications, participatory maps & crowdsourced event data, aerial & satellite imagery, geospatial platforms, advanced visualization, live simulation, and computational & statistical models […]

2012 Kickoff Meeting and the New Board

On Wednesday, February 15, 2012 the New Media Taskforce will be hosting the first board meeting of the semester discussing topics such as what crisis mapping is, how mobile phones are transforming healthcare, how technology and information is becoming universal, and how you can get involved! At this time you will also get the opportunity to meet the new board!! Below you will find their bios so you can get to know them a little bit better before the meeting on Wednesday.

2012 Kick-off Meeting and Crisis Mapping Training

NMTF is revving up for an exciting term, starting this Wednesday, February 15th at 8pm in IAB 405 with our “kickoff” meeting! The NMTF board will provide a general introduction to the topics of crisis mapping and ICTs for Development as well as information about the many workshops, trainings and brownbag events planned for spring term. Pizza and refreshments will be provided. Students with all levels of experience with technologies and new media are welcome! Immediately following the meeting (~9 p.m.) will be a brief […]